The Queen is a Reptilian who eats Human Babies & Children.V2 The Government run by Reptilians!! #Pedogate #Pizzagate #HumanTrafficking

For those of you who did’nt get to watch our video, here is another version, enjoy !! 🙂

The Queen & the Royal Family are Reptilians who Sacrifice Human Babies, Children & Adults in Satanic Rituals!! They Cannibalize Human Flesh & drink Human Blood in Ceremonies passed down through the ages by the reptilian bloodlines.


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47 Thoughts to “The Queen is a Reptilian who eats Human Babies & Children.V2 The Government run by Reptilians!! #Pedogate #Pizzagate #HumanTrafficking”

  1. I'm extremely open minded and am looking into this theory; very open to the idea of it but had to stop your video at 4:36. That's from fucking call of duty world at war dude. That's the Nazi zombies game mode.

  2. What the heck the thumbnail pointed towards her earring so is that some sort of human baby eating mammal clue?

  3. This is the biggest bullshit ever

  4. so here is my question; IF the Royal Family and the Rothchilds, and the Bushes and everyone in power today are Reptilians, then WHY would they care to subscribe to a Biblical character like Satan? What evidence do you have to show that Satan was/is a reptile? If any of 'this' is true at all, why would all this reptilians be 'jumping on the Satan bandwagon' if as the Bible says, they're all going to be tossed into the lake of fire, from Revelations? Can't they read?

  5. Russia the great kill all illuminattis

  6. İNGİLTERE KRALİÇE si 2 ELİZABET Hanımefendinin 65 inci Safir Yıl dönümünü Kutlar Sevgi Saygı ve Hürmetle ellerinden öperim bu Dünyada iyiki varsınız Dünya Sizinle çok güzel Saygılarımla

  7. y do people believe this

  8. Ya know i dont need gods salvation i have engineering and technology ima pull a tony stark go to britin in a 15ft tall mech suite and fuck the place up or buy one from china

  9. No those are nazi soldiers who rose up from the grave thats why they in zombie mode in COD durrr

  10. I am bored with aliens and I am interested in the royal family.So this is like killing two birds with one stone. Alien reptilians royalty shapeshifters and David Icke.How could you beat that?.

  11. I was laughing my behind off the whole time 😂😂😂

  12. lmao very funny vid you're a real comedian

  13. me was he prince harry come to me thailand Oh grand mother Queen firend ship king phu miphol 9 thailand

  14. Well,
    Looks like I'm on the weird side of YouTube again…

  15. And buy the book!!!!!!

  16. It is not a planet, it's a plane….flat!

  17. Makes you think maybe that's why the Blair Witch Project was made and based on, Tony Blair and his Whore of a wife, Disgusting beings. they aint higher vibrational beings they deserve to be in the lowest of realms.

  18. Inbred for far to long now there digbats bannanas

  19. Satanic flesh eaters nut case inbreds

  20. Diana was killed . She had dodey fiyhads bun in her oven . 4 black swans gard her body burrid on a iland in a pond. Satanic crap of the queen

  21. I read where about 1% of the population believes in reptilians. I find it interesting, but I would like to somehow find this proven. I am open and skeptical at the same time.

  22. You people are loosing your mind. This is frightening. Your idiocy

  23. Nope, just a stupid woman (with even dumber followers) in place to buffer Vatican rule, behind which old aristocrates hide.

  24. I believe in a lot of conspiracy theories. I believe the illuminati sacrifice people and all that. But I don't buy into aliens and reptilians. These stories are so outlandish. I do believe the earth is flat.

  25. now the old lady on legion make perfect since now

  26. Then someday, a person created a resistance that hates these creatures

  27. Hello, could I know where did you get the music at 8:00 ? Thanks in advance!

  28. And what will ever be done about the elite pedophiles fucking nothing because all the people are cowards as long as it's not happening to their children they will only walk away like the bitch ass cowards everybody is

  29. so that's who Ferdie mercury was singing about


  31. just shoot that bloody judassic rat or sink her in the river . What horrific nightmare !

  32. this kind of nonsense is manifested by lower thought.

  33. father cover us in ur blood.tge blood of Jesus rest on us.

  34. What a load of rubbish. I had fluoride in the water from birth. I am 55 years old and never had bad health or lost a tooth. My 5 year old son didn't have fluoride because of this propaganda and was put under a general to remove all his baby teeth. He has his second teeth which are ok but the pain he endured because fluoride was not in the water I will never forget.

  35. 8:10 things get so scary that some people believe this stuff

  36. She's a pig of a woman who couldn't give a damn for the least fortunate in society.
    She is aloof, commonplace and extremely tedious.

  37. Of course the real psychopaths are those who post videos like these. Who would want to live next door to someone with such twisted logic and lack of empathy?
    Before you knew it, you'd be accused of being a reptilian and/or dragon-witch who did laps around the block on a broomstick looking for children to eat..

  38. This is a good video.
    But what I was a little bit shocked is that the guy who did this video obviously studies from David Icke, such as I do. But so, he should know better that the Bible has been manipulated as well. Only very few of them tells the truth.

    So, read your Bible, yes, but seek for the real one first.

  39. who believes this ? wow!

  40. DNA activation will enable you to ascend to GoDhood omnipotence

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