The #PizzaGate symbolizes a Spiritual Civil War #PizzaGate #Corruption

Here’s a sample of the reddit researchers diving into Pizza Gate that are worth reading. This issue will eventually open up to other human trafficking enterprises. I monetized this video, the first time I’ve ever activated adsense, & will decide if I will use it in the future.


I’m David Brock, former member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy turned media watchdog. I founded Media Matters, American Bridge and Correct the Record, and am the author of the new best-selling book Killing the Messenger. AMA! from politics

“There seems to be an organization central to all the finds that we have been uncovering over the past few weeks. One which links Laura Silsby, James Alefantis, David Brock, other individuals that I loosely refer to as the “DC Group” as well as others.
See my past threads for more info on Silsby, as well as Alefantis and his Comet Ping Pong pizza establishment:

BREAKING: I believe I have connected a convicted child abductor who was caught stealing children in Haiti with the Clintons from The_Donald

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas from The_Donald


What is the NCMEC?
This organization is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). See their web page here:
The NCMEC website says “In January 1984 NCMEC was incorporated by private individuals as a non profit corporation to serve as a national resource center and clearinghouse on issues related to missing and sexually exploited children.”
The term “private corporation” is key here. They do not have government oversight. This means they act as gate-keeper for the government to deal with child porn material without any oversight over what they’re doing, and law enforcement cannot get involved without them giving a go ahead.
NCMEC haven’t exactly been responsible in this oversight free role they are given either. They are in the middle of a law suit over their handling of child pornography constituting a violation of the Fourth Amendment:
The details of the suit are as follows: AOL maintains a database of hash values assigned to images classified as child abuse so that they are more easily identified/tracked. AOL was simply sending NCMEC the images without bothering to open them and verify the contents. So NCMEC was violating the right to protection from undue searches and seizures by opening what AOL sent. Notice how in this instance, only NCMEC was aware of what the photo actually was (and think about how that could be used to keep a lid on information).
The NCMEC is significant mainly because of the oddly large number of connections it has. They appear to have some strong ties to Hollywood: Brian Cranston has been involved with them in the past and helped to make educational resources for them:
II. NCMEC Connections to Silsby and the “DC Group”
Especially interesting is that the NCMEC has connections to both stories I have previously run concerning child sex trafficking.
A. Laura Silsby
Since being arrested in Haiti for trying to steal 33 children and getting let off the hook with the help of the Clinton’s, Silsby has moved on to inappropriately continue to work in the anti-human trafficking sector. Silsby moved to Idaho and adoped the last name Gayler.
Silsby has moved on to work for a company called AlertSense which works with a number of US states on their alert systems, which include Amber Alerts.
Here is a local info webpage showing her working for AlertSense, as well as AlertSense’s main webpage showing that Silsby works on their Executive Team. Why would they let a woman convicted of trafficking children anywhere near systems that dealt with Amber Alerts?

AlertSense Executive Team
And here is a less academic source covering Silsby’s move from a Haitian prison to AlertSense:
So how does this relate to the NCMEC? They are in charge of the Amber Alert program:
III. NCMEC Connection to Alefantis/Brock”



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42 Thoughts to “The #PizzaGate symbolizes a Spiritual Civil War #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. hey you're back!
    well? what about donald marshall,don't you have a rappor with that guy, and others,i bet you could get anyone to talk about anything–seriously,please do more interviews,sir!


  3. Jesse, Alex is in place until the fallen ones manifest…the fallen ones want to buy time & God wants the gospel to go out…that is why God is pushing the shadow gov't back underground for a season. The fallen ones are happy to sacrifice hillary & lady gaga if it will buy them more time. We need to expose pizzagate…but also look at abortion videos too. People know abortion is real…they need to be confronted with abortion videos…these are clearly babies and not a clump of cells.

  4. Why now? Pizza gate is going be the unraveling of the NWO

  5. They are testing us. The best way to get the population crazy, is get them addicted (drugs/alcohol).
    Now they have You Tube and the Internet. If it goes down…How does it affect you? None of your favorite stuff…? News?
    I generally get a video from You. And I'm grateful to decide to watch it. I appreciate everyone that interests me. And if that sounds good..
    You reading this should thumbs up!

  6. Your one of the few people that's hooked by emotions! There is actually real investigators that have come forth and said this is real for sixty years now! I think the media is a reaction to the online and investigators bringing forth more and more evidence!

  7. The question is whether wiki leaks is legit. That's were this all came from.

  8. Don't let your conspiratorial mind destroy your logic. You're a good man though Jesse!

  9. As I am sure you are aware pizza gate and all other stories like it I.e conspiracy stories or simply a story the press is pushing hard are all just slight of hand to distract from what is really going on. Just like how flat earth came on the scene and spread like it did pizza gate is just another distraction for something. I am not saying the issues pizza gate addresses are not real and happening because it is, but it is a distraction and or a setup to put the nail on the coffin of the fake news stuff….

  10. It's coming out because the emails. Nobody has been able to accept this until now. Still so many won't believe it. I think there had to be some kind of proof or more proof to the people for it to finally come to light. I don't think Alex Jones has anything to do with this. This is outrageous news that most people won't believe even with proof. Thank God things are coming out to the public. I pray for truth and justice. Alex Jones didn't write the Podesta emails. Maybe this is just Gods timing? Blessings

  11. It's definitely NOT a "bug"! It only happens on videos that aren't in line with mainstream

  12. I haven't seen a video uploaded from you for a LONG time

  13. I made a video recently showing that they are normalising paedophilia and trying to condition us to accept it through the news. Claiming its just another "sexual orientation" and paedophiles are not monsters etc etc (sympathy for the devil stuff)…I believe your right that this is a set up in some way, like you said, this is not a new subject to researchers of truth who have been doing this for a while.

    P.s I added you on skype

  14. Some good thoughts. How ya been? Haven't tried commenting in a while. Seemed like I could never quite connect with you, probably said some rude things even. Can't quite remember. If so I apologize. I guess this whole pizzagate/censorship agenda is giving me a little different perspective on some things, I dunno. Anyways, overall I totally agree that the timing of all this is no accident, also when put alongside all the WikiLeaks drama re: the "disappearance" of Assange. Honestly it feels as though a whole host of assets are being activated in a new way right now….

  15. You are probably completely correct on all points. It's good to have you as a voice of reason sometimes.

  16. Its a perfect topic to lock everyone into their limbic brain. It stops higher reason dead in its tracks. great vid Jesse. thanks

  17. Anderson Cooper is CIA operation mockingbird
    Alex Jones admits he s CIA
    Watson shapeshifts often
    Mark Shouldice has two NWO illuminati books for sale and hasn t mentioned pizza gate

    read this intelligence companies pizza emails on wikileaks

  19. Good looks Jesse, just wanted to hear ur opinion on this. Alot of different angles being thrown around right now and I just find it suspicious how much theyve let this ride on youtube etc. Seems very deliberate that they let this out and are letting it stay out right now. Like u said, even disinfo agents are eating it up. I guess tha question is WHY? What's to come of this when its all said n done? Possibly some sort of further censorship or shutdown of tha "alt right, fake news"?? After looking into tha latest Economist cover it seems probable.

    …and theres a new Alex Jones vid on this in tha side bar with almost 100k views as im typing this lol

  20. i was trying to tell a friend that Alex Jones is controlled opposition and most likely a fake persona (Bill Hicks) – which video would you recommend i link her to please?

  21. Interesting perspective, I tend to agree.

  22. Interesting points brother. I had similar thoughts on all this as well, glad they were voiced.

    Side question; what's your updated thoughts on Kanye… Something stinks here

  23. Jesse I have always had the icon on your profile switched on so i get notifications when u upload a video. I used to get notifications from your channel but it suddenly stopped and doesn't notify me anymore. Theres defo censorship going on

  24. Were seeing the darkness exposing itself. Knowing its inevitable that everything in darkness must come to light , the Luciferian False Light like usual will appear as the saving grace as planned by Albert Pike in his script for the NWO… most tend to always overlook or forget the deceptive Duality nature of the enemy the counterfeit savior this is all a setup for the AC to rise after the planned collapse of the old system

  25. YOU'RE ON POINT Jesse with the INTERRUPTION BETWEEN YOUTUBE & AN ALPHABET Agencies. it was a cyber false flag of sorts. But the info we should USE the info. Spiritual indeed.

  26. good insight , what we need is direction so whats the best action ?

  27. Interesting take as always Jesse. I agree about the timing. I find it interesting that they are no Wikileaks emails about 9/11, sandy hook and other events that are proven hoaxes, so why just pizzagate ?Yet at the same time there is enough evidence to start an investigation something which doesnt look close to happening which is definite emotional playing on all of us that have looked into it.

  28. I do not subscribe for "lack of favorites" reasons. … 🙂 … … BUT I Have NOT seen you in the "Recommendations" !!!!!!!!!!! THIS finally showed up for me.

  29. listen, these people are powerful people that are worshipping Lucifer and sacrificing children… Why??? Because they really do get power from this and they know it and if that's the case and Lucifer exist then that means that God exists… And that is why the timing is so perfect… I can't believe I'm even saying this because six months ago I would have laughed at somebody that said what I just said… get out your Bibles folks it is the only ancient literature that told us the truth about all of this… Oh by the way the Earth is flat as well …peace

  30. this is the best commentary on PG Ive seen so far. I learned a long time ago about spiritual warfare. It's all about Gates and Gate Keepers Alephantes is a "Gate Keeper" Comet is a Gate. Pray for the gatekeepers to loose their territorial license. Pray for the gate to be closed. pray

  31. Is there proof other than a video ive seen that infowars is owned by Time Warner?

  32. Pizzagate is coming out on purpose. It is real though – what is going on. It is leaking out right now because they want people to know Killary is attached to it. They want people angry.

    Trump will not get into office. They will blame the election hack on the Russians and obuma will get killary in office.

    They want people pissed off. The vote count is a lie too. She did not get that many votes. She had to get the popular vote so she had a cause to push the recount.

  33. Hampstead satanic abuse is exposed/covered up and still going on to this day. yet nobody was hardly speaking about it. They may start looking now. but you could hardly find anything before– very few putting out videos on it. And that one had HOURS of the children's own testimony!

  34. King of morocco gave hillary 28millon dollars to close down a phosphate factory in Florida. David Brock correct the record is ex boyfriend of James Alefantis (850000 payment made gift/palamony/bribe?) Podesta lives 2 doors down from one of obama's homes. Podesta's divorce papers say he made 55000/year and donated millions worth of "art" (exwife wanted her share of his many assets)

    Jon Bente Ramsey had a "fish" carved on her palm too (Boulder Co beauty queen murder) Trump said pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is a great guy who is alot of fun to hang out with even though his girlfriends are a "little young". Epstein is a close friend to pedoscum Prince Andrew also. Both Clinton and Trump were on the lolita express airplane. A lady investigator was killed in haiti (clothing manufactor for target, gap, walmart tied to Clinton Foundation).

    Silsby is the woman caught stealing 30 children from haiti who clinton (and a lawyer thrown out of honduras for pedoscum) put in a new job for the amber alert system. Dennis Hasbert is Illnois speaker of the house and convicted pedophile. He was also tossed out of Japan for pedoscum behavior. (Nose area near osaka, japan)

    The wethepizza link ties to the saudi elites (besto and comet are not the only ones). Comet is across the street from a Clinton Foundation office. These are located very close to the original "finders" house that Ted Gunderson reported on years ago.

    Norway tried to tell America keep out of syria for nato and "suddenly" child porn appears taking out several of their "leaders" and Norway shut up about syria. South Korea is freaking out about suddenly revealed so-called "fake news" too (about 8 goddess "shadow govt" controlling their president.)

    In the meantime, thousands of haitians and african male rapefugees are stacked up at the mexican border (obama told them they get citizenship) we are about to be swarmed !

    Thank you and as always, many BlesSings!

  35. Yes, he founded media matters, I believe.

  36. I'm scared to talk to the youtubey people.

  37. So you don't have To guess I am Fucking Subbing. Everyone that denies that this is real is a fucking Shill .

  38. The timing of this story is really suspect. I totally agree with you. This is the most disturbing and egregious display of filth I have ever witnessed, we, have ever witnessed. Unbelievable.

  39. Well said man exactly what I think too

  40. I think you're right. As horrible as it is, This is bigger than Pizzagate. I think that the election was already decided long ago. They has already decided that the Clintons would be thrown under the bus, in a ritual humiliation. I think they also set up Obama for ritual humiliation before he was first elected.The events of the last 6 months seem very much like a Luciferian/Illuminati operation. I think they have planned to put Trump in the Office of the President for years. I can't elaborate, because there are a lot of little details that seem to be coordinated. The whole thing feels very managed and manipulated.

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