The pizza Gate scandal polight and Saneter Beef #PizzaGate #Corruption

The pizza Gate scandal



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22 thoughts on “The pizza Gate scandal polight and Saneter Beef #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. I hear a touch of my neighbor, Louisiana, in your voice. Are you in DC or Baton Rouge, Delay?

  2. May the Lord our God, Yahshua, bless you and keep you. Amen. I am your white brother in Christ out here in Waco. I am a disenfranchised father of a little girl & since I have no way of protecting her anymore it is my duty as a believer and an American to defend the children of the world and America from this satanic evil among men. Please contact me. I want to drive my old car from TX2DC to be with the conscious community of our nation's capital, if you will have me.

  3. l love you Elder I enjoy watching your video I'm learning alot from you

  4. It's all a mess and seems like you can't trust hardly anyone…..

  5. Yes Elder, you spoke about pizza gate. Come to find out, it's a massive worldwide kiddie porn ring. Thousands of kids are kidnapped yearly, beaten, raped and murdered according to Wikileaks. The whole operation is ran by people who DON'T look like us and caters to some of the highest ranking officials on the globe.

  6. Thanks friend. Spit! I believe there is some serious shit happening… From ALL the false political goodie-goodies…Man, there has to be an end and I believe they will all get theirs…

  7. huh elder somebody lied you the greatest

  8. Elder you should leave some of the Trolls & Devil's comments up there so I can get a piece of there ASSES.

  9. The Elder ALWAYS replies because he knows we are listening!
    I also have Commentary on #pizzagate coming soon too

  10. The headlock was a subliminal message if you cant beat them join them he is a boule agent.

  11. Fuck polight, COONS like him deserve Winnie Mendela treatment. One fuck like that brings down an entire movement.

  12. Greetings my Elder from London uk

  13. The androgynous homo holite had his wife go to SaNeter to hand him a book.No wonder he say the black women is God haha.Sa Neter did create dat nobody demon eye never heard of him if it wasnt for Sa.

  14. the community has been in shambles Bro Elder.. jealousy leads to envy and envy leads to death, if one doesn't get a whole of himself… whether it be long term friendships destroyed or literally the loss of one life.. love is love to my Sista and Salute to dem Tru Soldiers, Uhuru!!!!!

  15. peace 2 Brother Elder……if polight doesn't look at white people as the devil….why can't he politic with them socially and have silly fun with them as he sees fit?

  16. Queen Elizabeth Found Guilty in Missing Children Case? Whistle Blowers Incarcerated, While She is Free……..

  17. Google NAMBLA this shit is real

  18. I lost a lot respect for Brother Polight

  19. Fuck brotha Polite! Elder what do you think Saneta is Jealous of? Polights money? I wonder how he got all that money to live next to Meta world peace.

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