The Pedophile Nation: America’s Largest Secret Society! – The LanceScurv Show #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries


They cut across every conceivable category regardless of sex, religion, culture, nationality, status, pedigree, educational level or lifestyle preference.

They move in secret and are highly organized in cloaking the activities of those who share their same sickness.

While many move alone and get caught to get chastised by the public, I believe that those are simply the tip if the iceberg when looking at the overwhelming amount that don’t get caught.

Our children are almost defenseless because these predators are almost always NOT the strangers that we keep them so well protected against but those friendly faces who have a positioning in society that make our children feel the safest.

A day just can’t go by where the news reporting platforms don’t expose yet another well versed predator who has molested another child or may have been in the process of doing so.

We speak of terrorism across the globe and preparedness for an attack from an external enemy, but what about the sickness that goes almost unnoticed that is happening in our homes, our schools, at the doctors offices and at our houses of worship?

This is the beginning of an ongoing in depth raw conversation that is long overdue on The LanceScurv Show!

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