The Pedophile Nation: America’s Largest Secret Society! – The LanceScurv Show #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries


They cut across every conceivable category regardless of sex, religion, culture, nationality, status, pedigree, educational level or lifestyle preference.

They move in secret and are highly organized in cloaking the activities of those who share their same sickness.

While many move alone and get caught to get chastised by the public, I believe that those are simply the tip if the iceberg when looking at the overwhelming amount that don’t get caught.

Our children are almost defenseless because these predators are almost always NOT the strangers that we keep them so well protected against but those friendly faces who have a positioning in society that make our children feel the safest.

A day just can’t go by where the news reporting platforms don’t expose yet another well versed predator who has molested another child or may have been in the process of doing so.

We speak of terrorism across the globe and preparedness for an attack from an external enemy, but what about the sickness that goes almost unnoticed that is happening in our homes, our schools, at the doctors offices and at our houses of worship?

This is the beginning of an ongoing in depth raw conversation that is long overdue on The LanceScurv Show!

Please share your thoughts and leave your comments below to ad to this much needed conversation!

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9 Thoughts to “The Pedophile Nation: America’s Largest Secret Society! – The LanceScurv Show #Pedogate #Pizzagate #childtrafficking #Mysteries”

  1. About a Minority : please see video

  2. If you're late on a bill that can stay on your credit report for up to seven years, however, pedophiles have the nerve to say the sex offender registry is unfair; further if this sickness becomes jus another " sexuality " kiss any Avenue we had to keep them Visible goodbye.

  3. I'm glad you have brought this topic up more than once, because it's important that people with families are continuing to face the truth, and hopefully, fight for it as well. I also agree, there are so, so many pedophiles in high positions of authority, that this is why organizations such as NAMBLA can even exist. I look at them in society as 3 ways, 1)You are a high level pedophile, 2) You are a low level pedo, but do work for high level pedophile for money,in exchange for material and time with children or 3) you are a low level pedophile, with no connections to any high level ones. The last two are expendable, and can have sentences served on them in court that stick. However, if you are a high level one, you will never have a sentence stick, though you may be requested to stay in hiding in another country in financial comfort. I 100% believe they protect one another, or, let some of them go into prison for the greater protection of the rest of the remaining, hidden group. Just some things I've considered and observed, cause I often wondered,'Why do some get sentences and others don't?'

  4. Well Said Lance!  There's nothing more sick than a pedophile. I was told that Halloween is a pedophile's "buffet."  I cringed!  What baffles me is they tap them on the hand, but give a drug dealer 20-30 years. WTH is wrong w/this country. No, I'm not condoning drug dealing, but they can be rehabilitated, pedophile's cannot be rehabilitated. It's a natural feeling! I'm one that loves children and the elderly, when you mess w/them, you mess w/me. Just yesterday a guy was exposing himself to children where my friend lives, he gets arrested, he bailed himself out and was right back in the area. When he snatches someone's child (which he's tried) then they MIGHT do something.  Just Sick!  Google John Grisham and look what he said, talk about sick.  You are right, they destroy their soul! 

  5. Welcome back Lance
    You forgot about the father from 7th Heaven
    I think the charges against him has been dropped

  6. Welcome back brother!!! We are living in society where people have no morals whatsoever.. Especially when it comes to poor, sick, elderly, weak and children.. Another thing that is bothering me people don't mention the fact gays and nambla back in seventies want it lower age of consent in their constitution..

  7. Glad you're back! I started to get worried, but then figured you needed some time off. I just heard that Honey Boo Boo' s mom has gotten back together with her old boyfriend who just got out of prison for molesting a child. I don't watch the show as they are too redneck for me, but how on earth could she be so crazy!? I hope they pull the plug on this show, but those poor children are in so much danger with this sick bastard around. I hope CPS gets involved. Take care!

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