The ‘New World Order’ IS PizzaGate #PizzaGate #Corruption



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3 Thoughts to “The ‘New World Order’ IS PizzaGate #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. The Crypto Crowd rules over us. Learn what ties them all together. It ain't just money.

  2. This shit is crazy, everyone knows something is going on, but to find out its child molestation and sacrifice??? Wtf?!? And maddie mccanns disappearance, totally podesta and his brother, no doubt, and wiener is a dead ringer for the other crime sketch. This is sick, it has to stop, now we know why they spend so much money, on keeping people quiet after using their kids. How many missing children here in America have been used for this sick shit?

  3. pizzagate/ pedophelia/ no justice/ fake news/ censorship………
    pizzagate#2/ no justice/ censorship/ no news/ no questions/ ……
    pizzagate#3/ basement at your local pizza shop for all ages…

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