The ‘New World Order’ IS PizzaGate — Dave Kranzler #PizzaGate #Corruption

Former CIA Director George Bush Sr spoke about the “New World Order” publicly more than 200 times while he was President of the United States. As a child I didn’t know what the “New World Order’ was. As an adult I now understand that Bush’s dream of a New World Order will bring us endless abominations: Digital money which they control, pedophilia, beastiality – and ten other perversions that Satanists at the US Department of “justice” plan to make legal. What’s becoming clear is this: PizzaGate IS The New World Order. A world in which “the “rule of law” applies only to the people, not the elite.
Dave Kranzler from joins me to discuss this & more.

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25 Thoughts to “The ‘New World Order’ IS PizzaGate — Dave Kranzler #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. The Bush and Clinton family all involved in Crime, deceit, pedophilia, murder, and theft!

  2. Yeah Daddy bush was talking about his family being king of the world.

  3. The LaVey photo with John Kerry is fake. Also, if you had of read the Satanic Bible you'd know that one the main tenets contained in it is that children should be cherished and not harmed.

  4. What a load of old "cods wollop" … ha! Some people will believe any old shit …

  5. G.H.W. Bush….isn't it time for him to meet his maker ? Soon , very soon….

  6. The Vatican/Pope and Queen Elizabeth & Co. are involved as well.

  7. NOT SO FAST….. Bill Gates, Jr. was not known for Planned Parenthood….his wife Mary who was a huge philanthropist and volunteer for United Way of America, was the force behind Planned Parenthood. What Bill Gates the 3rd was talking about was how his father took over the work of Mary Gates after she died. He then joined the board of United Way of America.

    Also, Bill Gates, Jr. is known for his legal prowess which was called into play to legally establish offshore sweat shops for American businesses throughout the world. It was, and is today, nothing more than slave labor.

  8. dude! It is straight up Biblical! We fight not against flesh and blood but Satan's kingdom. If you don't understand the true spritual realities you will be decieved. Study spiritual waefare.

  9. i honestly can't see the difference – cash or plastic? Tangible wealth? You admit that cash isn' really wealth, so what's your point? Cash has never stopped economies from failing! You're a slave either way.
    Your point about Australia was true though – plastic is ubiquitous there, cash almost redundant.

  10. it was actually prince phillip that said that if he believed in reincarnation that he would like to come back as a plaque that ravish the world with not biill gates, another pedo satanic family

  11. The left (and some Repubs) want more Muslim because it is they that accept and push #pedolism  This helps the non-Muslim pedo to feel good about his own sick perp thoughts and acts. They have been in the closet and want to come out into the light of day, to acquire power, control, groups, orgs, charities, $ They will brainwash the half-brained, to sickly normalize it.

  12. Your guest doesn't seem to have understanding of the spiritual realm, that Satan exists. If you don't know this truth, you are blinded to what is going on today and what is to happen. If you know the prophecies in Daniel, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, and Revelations, there will be the One World Order. To think it won't happen, is to be in denial. The only solution is to turn to God's word and realize that we can escape this time period that will come. You escape by having Jesus as Your Savior and Lord, who is coming as a thief to take those waiting for Him, otherwise you will face the tribulation period when the Antichrist will be at the head of this NWO. "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.That number is 666." Rev. 13

  13. You paused the Bush quote before he mentions the U.N. He says: "…An order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping forces to fulfill the promise and vision of its founders.” That definitely means something different to the 'elite' than it does to the general public. The vision of the 'elite' is not our vision, and the founders of the U.N. created it to do their bidding.

    The founding of the U.N. should be a lesson for all. It took them three tries to get it done. These people don't quit. Everyone should know the story of the czar of Russia foiling their first try, and Rothschild swearing to kill the entire family. It took over 100 years, but the the family was wiped out. These are the type of people we are dealing with.

  14. He's also part of the Secret Society

  15. I remember this exact speech you and where I WAS, my grandparents!

  16. May these pedos rot in hell.

  17. How could they do this and get away with it? 12 perversions!?! That is utterly wrong, immoral, and disgusting. These people are calculating psychopaths trying to impose their disturbing, mind-breaking will on the people. We have to resist with every fiber in our being lest all that's good and light be lost forever. No, we won't accept that things like pedophilia or bestiality! What's next after that? Legalizing torture and murder?

    I feel like at this rate we'll have a 'zombie Apocalypse' to look forward to, where even stepping outside will get you raped and forced to suck off a donkey by sick psychopaths following government sanctioned perversions. How about we legalize drugs instead? That's better than government sanctioned child rape, and would at least appease the liberals some what. At least doing drugs is a victimless crime.

  18. The globalist take real love out of the equation! Kill GOD replace with thought police control all! They feel no joy. No happiness no true laughter or song! No more wild horses running wild! There is a GOD who is love, love opens doors to new worlds not rockets. True story.

  19. Noah ark it to the Antarctica ! Clean air clean water no nukes! We have a thousand years of clean up on this earth!

  20. Putin has already said that he does not want any part of Obama's NWO.

  21. thank you for sharing


  23. Bill Gates the windows into your soul

  24. At 16:35 an American became wise.
    Ever since the bullion standard was abandoned there is no need for tangible bills and coins.
    Also in many developing countries people don't use the bank to save the money instead they hide it under the carpet.
    This habit constrict the cash flow in those counties and hinder development.
    Hence force the government to print more money. Printing money is an expensive undertaking for governments.
    A cashless society is a cheaper way to go for these countries .
    America and most western word are already a semi cashless society.
    Think when was the last time you took a sac of dollar bills to buy a car?

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