The New World Order Has Assassinated Julian Assange! WIKILEAKS IS COMPROMISED!

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31 Thoughts to “The New World Order Has Assassinated Julian Assange! WIKILEAKS IS COMPROMISED!”

  1. I guess…we have to let it play out.

  2. Julian Assange has been staying in the Ecuador Embassy in UK for 4 years. if he is dead, how come the Ecuador Ambassador never say a thing? Are all the Ecuadorian Diplomats and Staff in that Embassy in UK dead too? Why not a squeak comes from any of them? Why are they keeping so quiet? What does this total silence mean?

  3. Iraq Baghdad Twitter @ epdjgil 1952

  4. So the ass hole Poms are concealing an illegal abduction and wish people to follow law guide lines. All I can say is f-ck you and f-ck the whole Royal family as all are vermin from satanic levels.

  5. To the new world order: ' I hope every one of you choke to death on your blood dollars ! '

  6. You didn't capitalize. God!!

  7. Why are the date of these interviews so hard to find?

  8. What an idiot. Julian Assange just made a public statement yesterday in the media

    Obviously far from dead. All that wasted time on a video that's wrong.

  9. we need to go to the embassy he was in demand we see him and not move until we see him he put his life on the line and exposed pedophiles

  10. I hope GOD is protecting him somewhere it is such a shame that people can.t speak the truth in fear of being being killed.

  11. Every SITE that uses the word TRUTH are ALWAYS LIAR – Cock-Suckers!!!! TRUTH!!!!

  12. I'm pretty sure that assange and anonymous are all working together with the us government to distract the people. blah blah blah and nothing is done. all that bullshit with hilary and wikileaks and the murderous woman is still free to do it again and anonymous doing fuck all but making threats and pecker waving. A game show host for a president?! what the fuck are you people thinking? I do hope that those border walls are built. Keep the crazy 'murikans caged in until the collapse and then see what's left standing, then shot them all!!! See America, that's bullying and that's what you've done to the world and the world is gleeful that your country is in ruins ahhahahhahhaahahha take care.

  13. WIKILEAK doesn't die with killing Julian Assange , so shut up and get lost stupid guy.

  14. Julian Assange is dead, they hung him

  15. How am I supposed to recommend you to my friends when u take actual time to make stuff like this? Seriously?

  16. I love the background music.
    May the force be with Julian.

  17. They must just dig deeper,they will find him I hope!!

  18. Show me a body. If I had just told the world that obuma was a dick sucker. I would be hiding out myself!!! LOL!!

  19. i dont believe this ,he still alive

  20. we are living in a world where most people do not know what is going on in their own home let alone the world. It goes far beyond what peoples own minds would allow them to understand, far beyond what can be seen with our own natural eyes. The truth is harder to swallow than a lie, yet the truth stares us in the eye every day, every moment, yet those who do see the truth are split in two groups, those who see and believe and those who see and deny it… Wake up! open your eyes" open your ears"

  21. "WikiLeaks has effectively asked people to knock it off when it comes to requests for evidence that Julian Assange is still alive." – 26 Nov. 2016

  22. os obama had julian killed? or kidnaped? Ok time to pray. He can't get away with this one. Wiki leaks is a hero. If the government is working for UN NWO then they are the terrorists.

  23. THEY'RE REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO:) THIS IS SUCH A PRIMITIVE FAKE:) Even my fishes were laughing hysterically because of this fake!!!

  24. when some one name himself truth… means really lie

  25. Bullocks and unsubscribing

  26. Until they show proof he is dead or alive, I won't believe anything at this point.

  27. Well, evidently someone very, very, very high up was about to be exposed. If Assange has indeed been "disappeared", then the whole world needs to know what Assange knew.

  28. Would be great to have some dates on these Assange videos.


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