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Exposing the truth about our world. My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is a video I created & wrote called The Lie We Live. For more videos remember to subscribe:

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Songs used:
1) Iron Dragon – Alliance
2) Dynasty – Initiative – CMX
3) Immediate Music – Overcome Anything
4) Fringe Authority – CMX
5) Above All – Petteri Sainio
6) Confidential Music – Paradise Lost
7) Heart of the Rebellion – CMX

I have also used some footage from the films Baraka & Blue Planet.

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“The Lie We Live” Copyright © 2015 Spencer Cathcart

If you would to create subtitles for another language please email me the translation to [email protected] rather than upload another video. Subtitles currently available in over 40 languages, including Russian, Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong), Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Dutch, Vietnamese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian,Turkish, Polish, Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Croatian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Persian/Farsi, Romanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovak, Slovenian & more.

Below are titles that have been used for my video around the world:

– Le mensonge dans lequel nous vivons | Le mensonge que nous vivons.
– La Mentira En Que Vivimos
– Die Lüge die wir leben (De Leugen Die Wij Leven)
– Лъжата, в която живеем! Лагите Во Кои Живееме
– A mentira que vivemos (Nós vivemos uma mentira)
– 我们身处的谎言世界 发人深省的视频 已被译为28国语言!
– 震撼全球的短片,改变千万人的价值观!
– 「私達が生きるウソ」
– Kłamstwo w którym żyjemy
– La Menzogna In Cui Viviamo (La Bugia In Cui Viviamo)
– Zivot, ktery zijeme Video, které vám změní život
– Hazugságban élt életünk
– Minciuna în Care Trăim
– השקר בו אנו חיים (ПОСЛАНИЕ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВУ)
– Правда и Ложь всей Жизни!/Ложь, которой мы живём
– Es ist Zeit etwas zu ändern!
– Laži koje živimo Lažni život kojeg živimo
– La vidéo qu’il faut absolument regarder vivons
– De Leugen Waarin We Leven | Nederlandse ondertiteling
– We zijn allemaal slaven van het systeem
– Klamstvo, v ktorom žijeme
– Lež, ve které lidstvo žije.
– الكذبة التي نعيشها
– دروغ زندگی میکنیم!
– Mira El Vídeo Que Puede Revolucionar El Mundo
– LEŽ ve které žijeme!
– Jeder einmal anschauen und teilen sehr wichtig!
– We Live In A Lie
– Cette video de 8 minutes risque de changer votre vie
– The One Video That Can Change The World
– Yaşadığımız Yalan Vale mida me elame
– A hazugság, amiben élünk Lögnen vi lever
– Melas, kurį gyvename Klamstvo, v ktorom žijeme
– Το ψέμα στο οποίο ζούμε (Το ψεμα που ζουμε )


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39 thoughts on “The Lie We Live #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Australia #News

  1. Thanks everyone for sharing my video. I encourage you to share the original YouTube link, however please do not download and reupload it. Some people have been re-uploading my video and that makes it very difficult for me to build an audience to share future videos I create. So if you see a reupload I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. Also if you ever see an article sharing my video saying it's "disappearing" that is a false headline made up as clickbait.

    Note: This video is not monetized & I haven't made any money off it, so to those who keep commenting saying that's why I want others sharing my video, that's absolutely false.

  2. A legit question. Isn't fascism an answer, atleast short-term answer for this? Im talking about the kind Germany was 1935-39. Wasn't everything good, minus preparing for a war? I wish to get rational answers, not "fuck you neonazi"

  3. Worry no more.. God will create a new heaven and earth… Dont believe me?? Read your bible.

  4. All there is is matter, what does life really matter?

  5. The Earth is Flat and you failed to mention that the most important deceit of all!

  6. Matthiew 34Truly I tell you, >> this generation <<will not pass away until all these things have happened. 35Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.…Brother time to Seek the Lord while you can find him, He's amazing and will protect you from the time that are coming

  7. and there is nothing we can do about but thanks for making it sound so suspense


  9. This was my favorite fap ever

  10. When my mom was young, she was poor in money, yet rich in happiness. She spent loads of her time outside, playing with friends and family, not staring at a screen. Even the simplest of games made her happy. Even though hitting a can with a sandal may not seem fun, but sometimes, the simplest things are the purest.

  11. powerful just powerful I want to thank you for your input this video like your others make me question alot thank you

  12. Why do we do our jobs? To make money

  13. A video as true and as aware as this one will surely get taken down by the government so that the people of it won't get these sort of thoughts and realizations

  14. Im not going to use a smartphone ever again.

  15. Meh. Great video but we all already know this shit anyways. TL;DR Life is shit and meaningless, go die. ._.

  16. kinda false ,you see this cant be changed . let me explain . People are just living brings that choosr what they want but we are lazy to fimd oursleves to fight , not that we are just lazy we are scared ,scared of the things that happen around us the things that can effect us things we cant change , companise that controle us give us food for money its not their fault , they are just doing things nobody else wants to do , we have our eyes opened but in the wrong direaction beacuse we are scared

  17. Lol at the 🌎 globe earth they've got us deceived 😂😂😂

  18. I subscribe! This video made me sad because we aren't free like we say we do!!!

  19. This world is going to be stupid all people is lazy LOL and i am the one of these LOL

  20. I almost cried, this is so true and we do nothing about it 😓

  21. Man this video is amazing

  22. We live as we do, all with our own impacts in the interconnected world. We make a difference to the people we speak and smile to. The world isnt just suffering and sadness, we all have our lives to live, beliefs for solace, and things to fight for. We do cause much injustice to nature and other living things, yet that slowly is changing. We cannot place the blame on anyone, atheists, corporations, god… We innovate and continue on, creating a better future for ourselves. is living an everyday path such a problem? We do make a difference. We fight for our beliefs, we smile and enjoy each other's short lived time on this reality. The only thing we can ask of the world is to find love and understanding, but we cant have perfect lives. Whether I die tomorrow, I will be content with the joy i've had in loving. Whether you suffer of starvation, there is solace from those who understand and comfort you.

  23. John Lennon would approve…

  24. este vídeo estaba en español y lo botaron por que ? dice que fueron ustedes … que mal

  25. Let's make a difference guys!!!! Everyone needs to share this video on twitter facebook instagram any social media!!!

  26. The human race is kinda fucked sometimes if u think about it 🤔🤔

  27. This video is telling the real truth about the reality of life. We must live and not work enjoy life

  28. aboniert Ubuntsen best youtuber

  29. 12k people dont have life

  30. feels like yesterday i was a care-free child who was just soo excited to grow up and be able to eat sweets whenever i wanted, drive cars and not have to go to school..

    now im grown up and this is what you find ONTOP of the daily shit constantly thrown my way. fawk

  31. "we need to wake up"

    i blame the guy who invented the snooze button

  32. Exists a spanish voice version of your fantastic video, but you are making one copyrigth reclamation after other… maybe will be a great idea if you directly up the spanish version to your channel, i have a copy if you need it. While yoy don't do it, i'll upload this video to my web, to modify the link when you complete your own upload to your youtube channel. Thanks.

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