The Liberal Party Lies #Australia #Corruption

The libs seem to have a pathological need to deceive the public. The list of things that Abbott gave pre election, of all the things he said they would not do, was nothing more than a list of things they were looking at doing. They backflipped on education funding IMEDIATELY, as they did with their language in regards to the budget and every other promise got broken in turn. Now they’ve reshuffled the bench and have a new/old guy in charge again… they’re the same people… so we know what they are going to do after the election form all the things they say they arent going to do- they’ll attack medicare, they’ll come after penelty rates, they’ll backflip and squirm out of same sex marriage reform and they’ll try to privatise health and eduction. It’s the predictable end to a shitty story. Boot. Them. Out.



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