The latest on the Obama administration spying scandal #corruption #theresistance

Circa News national security correspondent Sara Carter on the ‘deep state’ and the Obama administration spying scandal.


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23 Thoughts to “The latest on the Obama administration spying scandal #corruption #theresistance”

  1. This spying on us was what we were all talking about when Russia, Russia, Russia came up and it went on the back burner. These high CRIMES of the Obama administration is why the Russia BS came up. It's the deep state trying to take our focus off the lawless, corrupt, criminal OBAMA.

  2. bath house berry is a crook

  3. Dear Comey, FBI, NSA, CIA, Deep State, MI6:
    What tools are best for stalking? 👙
    How should one spy on a neighbor? 👙
    What is the best way to backdoor a hottie? 👙
    How to 702 foreign minx? 👙

  4. Brown rice can't hide in the Sushi, White rice lives there !

  5. Liberalism is the new hate group. Bought and paid for by Soro's and the like to reek havoc on America. It's infuriating.

  6. United States will be better off when they put rice Obama Jared Clinton and the rest of his clone he's behind bars are sentenced to death for espionage

  7. The swamp is criminal. They are obstructing justice, destroying public records and refusing to cooperate. Obama built the swamp, into the deep state arm of the democratic party. Look at Hillary, she did the exact same thing. Be afraid big brother aka deep state dems are watching.

  8. Jail or Hari Kari, Susan. Do the country a Hugh favor.

  9. Kidnap Obama's daughters. He still won't tell.

  10. I still believe that all this stuff is coming out is because the Democrats were arrogant in their belief That their win would keep all this hidden, They got it wrong and this is the result. Whether we see justice is another question.

  11. I can't believe how many people are distracted with this bull shit still.  I stopped paying attention to this story a while ago, it is all a distraction.  Mean while at the Legion of Doom, I mean, the Federal Reserve are preparing for an interest rate hike in June.  Did any one learn why you can't have an adjustable annual percentage rate hike in an inflationary debt bubble?  I mean, did we all forget 2009 already?  You can't just raise rates on a 17 trillion dollar debt principle.  As it is, the previous %.25 interest rate was not repayable, now at %1.00 and they want %2.00 by the end of this year.  With a debt based Fractional Reserve banking system is essentially going to create another credit crisis with these interest rates in which we have no ability to repay.  Russiagate, Trumpgate, Obamagate it's all a smoke screen for the damage to Federal Reserve is about to inflict on the United States of America.  Let's say you take out a car loan.  $35,000 dollars.  The interest is %1.00.  With in 6 months it goes to %2.00.  Then in a year %3.00.  As the interest rate goes up, your purchasing power goes down.  The bank demands more and more of your money o payback the interest and anyone that has ever had a balloon payment knows as the interest is paid, the principle being paid for is tiny in comparison.  When interest goes up, the balloon payments get bigger and bigger.  You are paying mostly interest and very little principle.  Often times when I say these things, no one cares.  People demand to see Trumps tax returns.  Imagine if those same shills demanded the Federal Reserve open it's balance sheets for independent audit?  When are people going to learn that Fractional Reserve Banking is a pyramid scheme?  When are people gong to learn that the Federal Reserve pays for all of this nonsense to keep you stupid.

  12. Where are the Grand Jury's???

  13. It's too funny that you ignorat fucks believe this totally fabricate narrative that Obama was spying on Trump .However , Y'all fail to understand that yes the Russian agents have been surveiled and Trump and his cronies have been caught up in the process . but your too stupid to understand just how surveillance works .

  14. Suzan obams bitch every body now that little women should be working in seven eleven

  15. why is that always a problem? every c-span episode i've seen the chairman is always "why are you giving congress redacted information months after we asked for it?" "well we wanted to give you info to further your investigation faster" "YOU don't decide what we're looking for, WE decide what we're looking for. I want the UN redacted copy" "ok we'll work on it"…seriously..EVERY TIME…I saw it with the fbi, irs, cia, even homeland security…why the hell is it not illegal yet…can they not pass a law to not give redacted info to congress..

  16. why hasn't she been subpoenaed? this story is losing steam.

  17. Is anybody going to be prosecuted?

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