The Interview REMOVED From INFOWARS – David Duke vs Alex Jones. #PizzaGate #Twittergate

Who Controls America.


Who Controls Donald Trump.

Donald Trump On 9/11

Ken O’Keefe On Donald Trump.



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One Thought to “The Interview REMOVED From INFOWARS – David Duke vs Alex Jones. #PizzaGate #Twittergate”

  1. I'm calling David Duke out.  Prescott Bush, working for Brown Brothers Harrimann financed the rise of Adolf H. in Germany.  After December 7, 1941 FDR went after Brown Brothers Harrimann under the Trading with the enemies Act.  What does Dr. Duke not understand about that?  It's also a fact that the big corporatists were backing Smedley Butler to regime change FDR.  Luckily Smedley sold the corporatists out and told FDR.  These are facts that can be researched from the public record Dr. Duke.  Another bone I have to pick with you Dr. Duke is that you contend that the vast majority of Jews are descended from Hebraic Jews and not from the Khazarian converts from north of the Black and Caspian Seas.  Who is this guy Dr. Slatery that you have on your show to press that point?  Dr. Duke if you want anyone in the patriot movement to take you seriously please do your own research and get with all the facts of history!!

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