The Elder Take on the pizza gate scandal #PizzaGate #Corruption

Pizza Hut vegetarian pizza



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28 thoughts on “The Elder Take on the pizza gate scandal #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. This world gets sicker and sicker everyday. Our children are at huge risk and need to be watched and protected at all times. Todah for explaining it Elder as I was not sure entirely of what it was all about. Shalom.

  2. We always knew these white fuckers were pedophiles, it's in their DNA.

  3. what about obama havin partys and fundraisers at this same "establishment?" Hes such a bad white man…. you old black people are as bad as my old white Grandma…. this isnt a racial battle, its a spiritual battle. grow up and wake up old fella.

  4. Its worldwide Satanism. Dude named Ted Gunderson been talking about it since 2000. Nobody payed him any mind……… But Luke 8 :17


  6. Sick Ass Devils They Been #Pimpin #Pimpin Elder There's Alot To Be Told #Exposed !! Shalom 🕎

  7. Thank you Elder, peace and love to you too. I'm your newest white subscriber :>

  8. Check out the pizzagate photos from social media that they don't want you to see… …warning these are very disturbing images! These people are demons in the flesh…sick!!

  9. All these Luciferians, Enough is enough. Lucifer has forsaken them, they are LOSERS. Christian' s reigns.

  10. True indeed elder i been talking bout that pizz gate for yrs dwn here in south florida trying to wake people up to hollywood on whata really going on shit u got celebs thats coming out talking bout it how they was in it as a kids etc but the higher ups make them retract they wrds n scare them up they are losing they power people bablyon is falling which is america and the real holocaust will be in amercia people they want this race war to kick off so bad thats y u here hilary clinton might get recounts to get bck into the chair n that would piss off donald trump supporters to go ham vs hilary clinton supporters etc race war riots


  11. They are disgusting animals!! Elder we must watch our kids it's sad & sick!!!! Smh

  12. NO elder you not crazy😇 we need to. all of us need to unite cast the DEVIL out of this realm once and for alll!!!

  13. pizza gate is real. they are even using Miley Cyrus who is probably a victim or participant to push the agenda.

  14. Kba

    You're not crazy elder, I've tried to research this and they're trying to say it's false. I say bullshit!

  15. Only a sick son of a bitch gets off on children. If it were up to me, I would have those bastards incinerated.

  16. this is 2 be expected from the serpent seed (Genesis 3:15)…truth is always truth…keep putting "the word" out elder…shalom

  17. Thanks for the info elder

  18. Peace and love to you Elder Rahson

  19. Nasty, white, smelly, honkies. peace and love elder Rahson Delay.

  20. I never heard of this Elder. Thank You for this info.

  21. Thank you Elder much love✊

  22. yeah elders them som sick mothafuckas and they day we the most violent people yeah right this proof they the most evil but if u want more information b go to the video thats an hour and like forty five minutes long thats whare u get most of your information and also we ki leaks peace elder

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