The Deep State Pushes Their Agenda To Have Trump Removed And Replaced With Pence – Episode 1227b #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

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Report date: 03.13.2017

CIA spy headquarters are located in Germany to intercept Russian communications and repackage them. McCain wants Trump to produce evidence of Obama wire tapping his office. Pence is now in position to take over if and when Trump is forced out. Pence will work with the deep state. British foreign secretary says Russia not involved in UK elections. The deep state has played the American people in believing NK wants war. New report shows NK wants peace. US and SK prepare armed drones to attack NK. Delta force trains to remove Kim Jong-un. Assad says that the US and the coalition forces have been supporting the IS all along. The elite are preparing the escape from big cities.

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24 Thoughts to “The Deep State Pushes Their Agenda To Have Trump Removed And Replaced With Pence – Episode 1227b #corruption #theresistance #russiagate”

  1. Dave, if the agenda is Soros (and his ilk) inspired chaos to break down the nation state…what better Deep State puppet than Trump? Has foreign policy changed? No. Could Pence have been elected? No. Is all hell going to break loose domestically? Yes. What better puppet than Trump? I'm still thinking this is all theater. I wouldn't buy a Trump assassination either. Now that sounds crazy, but I think if that happens I wouldn't buy it. More elaborate schemes have happened

  2. yes if this is true he was not the only one because they knew whats was going on. so you can't just say Obama. its a very then line not everyone is dumb to it. just saying ..

  3. kushner is behind pence and is a netanyahu boy like daddy….this is the key.

  4. Look at pence vote record…10000% pro israel ….anti russia…

  5. It is all bread and circuses.

  6. Trump is Obama, Trump is Bush, he will talk different but he is the same shit, you guys are fooled. X22 is stupid just like everyone else.

  7. Oh theay are crazy theay want to put Obama back its not working don't remove trump you all made your own bed now you all haveto lay in it ask why remove a good person trump is not a bad guy you don't know trump is a good person he doesn't deserve that we are going to drain the swamp before that happens

  8. If the former elietest leaders think that they can continue to hold on to their once sneakily won power anymore they have got to understand President Trump is NOT on his own. The deep state is now only history.



  9. Trump also said he would expose 9/11. Nothing on that yet.

  10. For now we have to keep an eye on Pence. Soon we can push to have him removed. Pence is weak. Pence is a Judas. I never trusted him. I don't want him anywhere near President Trump.

    PENCE don't get too excited about taking the number one spot. You and Hillary can conspire all day long but it will NEVER happen. NEVER!

  11. Pence was put in charge of investigating the 3million illegal/dead votes after the election. That investigation has gone NOWHERE. He was in germany pledging American allegiance to the EU (not Europe but the failed socialist European union). And now he’s spoken out against wikileaks and assange. Pence is a Jesuit/Vatican agent and cannot be trusted at all and his replacement should be ready in the wings along with paul ryan’s replacement.

  12. if the we the people sit on our ass and won't help we all lose it time to put all under the law and prosecute bring the troops home

  13. No disrespect, but you are wrong.  Donald Trump is NOT keeping all his promises.  ESCALATING wars in Syria and Yemen, and starting new wars in KOREA.  Also if Trump TRULY wanted to go after ILLEGALS, he would go after employers who hire ILLEGALS, and he would go after apt complexes that rent to ILLEGALS.  Instead, he does this THEATRE about building a wall, and he does not have Saudi Arabia on that BAN LIST.  Donald Trump is a slick skunk.  I had high hopes for him.  But right at this moment, it would be better for him to leave office immediately.  How can Pence or Hillary be worse if Trump is starting wars all over the place.

  14. Trump is part of controlled the opposition agenda. How do you control a movement "Lead It"

  15. Dave, Would you rather Trump be removed or dead before the end of his first term, proving he was not part of the deep state or he goes along with some of the deep state policies and accomplishes some good rather than nothing?

  16. I've been noticing how EVERY news channel hasn't reported real news for weeks..every show is filled with Trump Trump Trump..that's not pushing, it's shoving.

  17. Democrats (ClintonMachine) Selected Pence To Be VP for Trump …

    #Yah_Chosen_Trump _To_Exposed_All_Corruption


  18. Great analysis, Dave, But I hope it never happens.
    ; – )

  19. check out the pope and the C.I.A.?.?

  20. motive and intent…the fact that obumer has shown such a hate on for trump says it all..

  21. I do not trust Pence, he is a wolfs in sheeps'sclothing. Hollywood has already projected Pence as President. Look at last week tv show {Last man on earth) They mention Pence as President and never mention Trump. We need to let Pence know that the jig is up and we know who he is and he will never be President and needs to resign immediately.

  22. Pence is the ultimate pedophile satanic eating children, apartheid Israel sympathizer must be joyful

  23. I wouldn't be surprised, DJT's probably in it too

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