The Breakthrough is Near — Current Events & Intel Compilation #PizzaGate #Twittergate

Event Is Coming Soon – The Breakthrough is Near — Current Events & Intel Compilation.

By Jonathan Carty.

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all doing well. In this article I would like to present a compilation of current events and intel that show how close we are to a final breakthrough here on Earth.

I know the words near, soon and imminent have been used to death but when we realize how long this planet has been in quarantine and under control of the dark forces, 25,000 years, it makes a few months or years seem manageable; do-able, if you will. Or perhaps survival-able is better. Yes that one sounds more correct.

Now no one knows when The Event will happen. We can try to pinpoint a date or time period but it’s not easy to do this as there are billions of people with free will who are constantly changing the course of events, not to mention the clearing of the remaining Plasmic Toplet Bombs to ensure the safety of the planet and its inhabitants. The main timeline though, per Cobra’s sources and intel, is a positive one and victory of the light has been assured, so we needn’t put too much focus into the negative.

One of the ways we can tell we are close to a grand change is the highly discussed wave of energy hitting the planet right now. This information got me really excited as it lined up with some of Cobra’s information about the Galactic Center (the Pleroma):

“Solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs twice in the precessional cycle of 26,000 years. Actually, the precessional cycle is perfectly entrained with the pulse of the Galactic heart, which sends a Galactic superwave into the spiral arms of the Galaxy every 26,000 years. So each solstice Sun / Galactic equator alignment occurs right at the time of the Galactic superwave, either a large one which occurs every 26,000 years, or a mid-cycle one, which occurs 13,000 years after each large one…”

ere is another excerpt about the Galactic Wave from a previous post on Cobra’s blog:

“This energy will completely clear the primary anomaly and the plasma octopus entity around the Earth, which was called Yaladaboth in Gnostic teachings…”


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