The 8 Biggest Threats to Humanity Exposed

These individuals and families are the real people behind our political corruption, our planet’s destruction, and our economic enslavement. It’s time the world learns their names.

With attention squarely focused on the criminality of politicians, particularly that of the US presidential candidates, it’s easy to overlook the people really responsible for all this chaos.

Much of the US’ political landscape for over a hundred years, and arguably long before, has been controlled by a small minority of wealthy families and individuals with a specific agenda.

Through political and economic machinations over the years, these groups and their minions have funded both sides of wars and profited from them. They own the corporations who pollute our planet and exploit us all.

They own the banks which make us slaves to imaginary debt. They own the politicians and police forces that are meant to serve us, yet they seek to undermine us and our “democracy” at every turn.

Regardless of where you live, the following people are working against all of us, seeking only to procure still more power and influence and control every aspect of our lives. It’s about time we learned their names.

The 8 Biggest Threats to Humanity Exposed

By Whitney Webb, and Alexander Light,

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