That’s Immoral (That’s Amore parody) #Pizzagate #Pedogate #ChildTraffickingExposed

This song is a parody of the Brooks/Warren classic “That’s Amore” which was made famous by Dean Martin. I dedicate this to all the people out there investigating Pizzagate.

In Washington where Moloch’s king,
emails were leaked.
Here’s what they say…

When the truth hits your plate like a big Pizzagate,
that’s immoral.
When you’re up to no good in the capital hood,
that’s immoral.
So we’ve heard many a strange thing of a seedy ring
gathering at Comet Ping Pong,
and they play dominos on cheese, demons to appease,
while the MSM says nothing’s wrong.

When hotdogs make you drool like a Satanic fool,
that’s immoral.
When you’re into a thing known as Spirit Cooking,
you’re in deep.
When your art on display is inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer,
and such things aren’t explained but somehow Russia’s blamed,
that’s immoral.

When the truth hits your plate like a big Pizzagate,
that’s immoral.
When you ride to excess the Lolita Express,
that’s immoral.
Something’s wrong, look at Bubba Bill, he looks kind of ill
since Trump mentioned the rape case.
And it’s hard to sell the routine that you’re squeaky clean
when a fly lands on your face.

When pizza makes you drool and you’ve got kids in the pool,
that’s immoral.
When it’s youth you desire like a psychic vampire,
you’re a beast.
And when wealth’s not enough, you can try Transyuggothian magic,
but you’ll look like a jerk with a perverted quirk
that’s immoral.


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