Trauma-Based Parasitic Mind-Control Methods (FULL) #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

Trauma-Based Parasitic Mind-Control Methods (FULL). A lecture from Fritz Springmeier, soldier, patriot and researcher. VIDEO PLAYLIST: . COPYRIGHT: “For the purpose of free copying, distribution and re-broadcasting (non-profit), any-time and anywhere, the right is provided by ‘fair-usage’ laws serving national security, public interest, health education, world peace and the social welfare and safety of Civilization.” SEARCH TAGS: fritz springmeier, prophecy club, vampirism, exposing the illuminati from within, the conspiracy, prophecy, bible, king james, christianity, yahuwshua, christ, islam, lucifer, luciferian secret societies, aleister crowley, pedophilia, paedophilia, masons, freemasons, kabbala, witchcraft,…

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