Even when video of re uniting families due to liberation of Allepo from rebels, reporter continue to rant lies.
Russia and Syrian Army is trying to free the people from terrorists who are supported by the US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other western nations.
Haven’t for the Russia, Syria would be like Libya as of now.
This is the real main stream media. All lies. Fake news comes of MSM only.

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  1. if you believe this shit, you'll go for fried ice cream.

  2. It is not a civil war!A civil war is citizens of the same country fighting each other.Not US and their proxy buddies!!!

  3. Canadian journalist totally crushes MSM reporter on what’s actually happening in Syria

  4. F the mainstream media. nobody believes you anymore

  5. Good thing America is going to help Syria I just like to help Libya with democracy all right America keep supplying is with weapons

  6. Does anyone have any personal detail of this lying cunt. I wanna ask who is her friend

  7. All that World destabilization is a creation of the jewish zionist lobby, run by George Soros and Goldman Sachs, employees of the damn jewish luciferian Rothschilds, who are the ones behind all this pain … US and Israel creators of dash

  8. Gayle, honey, please tell us: What right does the US have to go around the world overthrowing governments that do not kowtow to Washington? How can you, an otherwise intelligent person, I presume, back American wars of aggression against countries that have done nothing to the US? Regarding the lies passed on to the public, as this CBS ignoramus has done here, don't you have any principles as to the integrity of your work?

    I recently received an invitation from CFR to join the council. Watching you talk has confirmed that my decision to send the invitation to the trash bin was inevitable.

  9. What a bunch of bullshit! These people are fake news!

  10. What a bunch of fucken propaganda bullshit.

  11. can't they now go back to the recently liberated homes they just left? maybe start rebuilding?? and on a side not just wanted to say it looks like those civilians were really being mistreated by those government troops…given food and being kept safe…yep they are awful….not like those rebels who cut off peoples heads and mass kill people when they take a city or town

  12. I couldn't handle 8 minutes of straight lies and I threw up on my tablet 😷

  13. This is another Propaganda Video by NATO and its allies, all fake news. Why they don't mention of US, SAUDI, UK Alliance for Yemen Bombing and killing Thousands of Yemeni Civilians and Children. These are the countries who are not fighting against Terrorism but fighting for and fighting with terrorists. What about Libya,Iraq, Afghanistan did they bring Democracy after Regime Change. It is this alliance which disrupted World peace.

  14. Only idiot believes their BS " Assad knew ISIS was coming and allowed them to grow " WHY , so they can take over city after city and kill Syrians and Syrian military and get to capital . What nonsense , cause the jihadists were trained and paid by U.S. in Turkey to invade Syira .

  15. What BS " what did the city look like before ? " CBS , oh you mean before the jihadists invaded slaughtered opposition , bombed Carlton Hotel , killed gov workers and CBS conveniently LEFT that part out … for their " fake news " and believe it THEY KNEW Aleppo was going to FALL , so they had to create a fake massacre to make it look not like a liberation . It was all planned and CNN reporter was in Lebanon and reported Syrian troops massacred " 80 civilians " HE Wasn't THERE PEOPLE nor was CBS , who are just repeating the script created for them

  16. Aleppo ALREADY " FELL " into the hands of terrorist who violently invaded yrs ago so how can it " Fall into hands of Assad Regime " it's called …… Gov retook Aleppo or Gov liberated Aleppo " …….and they say " regime " to discredit Syrian GOVERNMENT but what do u expect from CFR controlled " news" propaganda

  17. Created by NATO and her Gulf allies.

  18. What about Waco massacre?

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  20. Can someone tell me how this shit started in that beautiful city,i seen pictures of off Aleppo before man that was a beautiful place how the fuck did all this shit start.

  21. Joseph Goebbels was a small boy compare to this.

  22. Where should the civilians go ? Um, maybe West Aleppo.

  23. More Fake News.

    Btw…look at Grozny today…Putin got rid of the US backed wahhabis and then rebuilt Grozny…it looks like Dubai now…the Chechens practically worship Putin.

    Now compare that to Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia.

  24. wow  , how evenly balanced that report was :)

  25. US fell so far from the morality. US supports Wahhabi terrorists in the geopolitics game.

  26. People chose Assad. USA hands off Syria!

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