Spy Chief James Clapper: No Collusion Between Russia & Trump Campaign #corruption #theresistance

The Obama administration and its hold overs were eager to leak ‘damning’ information on the Trump Russia connection that didn’t really exist. Continuing the Hillary Clinton campaign narrative of a Trump Putin bromance would also aid in sabotaging the Trump administration. The Obama campaign apparatus OFA, his lawyers and the coalition on the left will attempt to win by any means necessary. Wiretapping, abuse of power, and smearing Trump aided by the legacy media is all in a days work.

Obama Group Trains Activists to Sabotage Trump Presidency

FISA Court (FISC) – Oversight or Rubber Stamp?


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3 Thoughts to “Spy Chief James Clapper: No Collusion Between Russia & Trump Campaign #corruption #theresistance”

  1. Its funny how he said "There was no wire tapping" BUT later says "We did an investigation with NSA, FBI, CIA to find Russia ties to Trump but found nothing. SO then you did wire tap trump then huh?

  2. YES Obama thought Hillary was going to win THAT IS WHY Obama thought he would get away with wire tapping Trump!

  3. This guy knows more than he's letting on. 1. He says he found no evidence that was included in his report. 2. He says he knows of no existing material that could be there since he left. 3. He then states that the whole thing should be investigated for everyone's sake. Here's the fakery in what he says.: 1. He leaves open the conclusion that evidence was found but not included in his report. So what is it? He conveniently says he's not there now therefore covering his own ass so that if evidence is found he had nothing to do with it. 2. He says the whole thing should be investigated. Why? Didn't he investigate from within the whole ants nest and found no evidence?. Why would anything change now, unless he knows there IS evidence but he wants to shield himself from being involved in finding it.

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