Snoop Destroys His Image. Goes From Kool to Lame in One Video #Pedogate #PizzaGate #ArrestPodesta

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9 thoughts on “Snoop Destroys His Image. Goes From Kool to Lame in One Video #Pedogate #PizzaGate #ArrestPodesta

  1. kool… did you really write it as kool….? Motherfucker. Well, you clearly aren't a judge on who is "cool" and who isn't. Fuckin hell. Poser.

  2. he does what hes told hes an sjw now

  3. So Trump can disrespect women, he can disrespect the LGBT, he can disrespect/mock people with disabilities, but we can't critisize him. got it.

  4. from cool to tool, if i was in my teens id be cheering poopdogg, smh. its crazy the celebs you idolized as a youngsta turn out to be tools of a one world government. its crazy. im thinking the celebs they couldnt contain to go along with their agenda got killed off or kicked out of having a long career in hollywood.

  5. I gotta agree with you.

  6. I thought the same thing Anthony. Snoop went from cool to lame. In the US threats against the prez is a class E felony. That’s what it seems like is a clownish threat. Fuck him and his lil side kick “lil Bow Wow” who made a threat against Melania on twitter. I’m sure Snoop’s entire existence is dependent upon the approval of the Jews controlling the music industry.

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