SKETCHY or JUSTIFIED?! Breaking Down FBI Director James Comey’s Firing and more #LatestNews

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41 Thoughts to “SKETCHY or JUSTIFIED?! Breaking Down FBI Director James Comey’s Firing and more #LatestNews”

  1. 'Sup you Beautiful Bastards. Thanks for checking out the show. I wanna know what you think about all this Comey/Trump/Russia stuff. It's a lot and I definitely want to go more into it, but let's start the discussion here, together! 🙂


  2. Mac

    Absolutely justified,…..Comey is both a leaker & a traitor.

  3. Too bad non of these speculations on why James Comey was fired are true based on the Comey senate hearings.

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  5. it was OJ and Trumps mind state and intent is clear. He wanted Comey to lift the "cloud" and take pressure off of him. He also wanted the investigation of Flynn to be let up, eased or stopped. Comey said coming from the President it felt like an directive. Just because republicans want to focus on his use of "hope" that he used once in the three times he hinted at this means nothing. Comey did not comply with either. The day after he fired Comey he tokd the Russians he fired nut job Comey and it relieved great pressure. By aknowledging this is what firing Comey did for Trump he clearly thought it would ease the investigation and get word out publicly he was told he was not under investigation. People want to forget the other heads of intelligence when eventually tell trump came to them to do something. Peooke keeo saying there is no evidence but there is. it being classified is why no one has seen it. This is why those real crtical questions asked that would have gave the public more knowkege were never answered by Comey who said several time he cannot discuss certain things in open but will in closed session. The formal CIA head said he saw evidence and it was appropriately classified. Then eceryine everyone seems to forget Flynn asked for immunity because he knows some crooked stuff went on. Trump used buffers and Flynn was one. Eventually what flynn know wilk come out along with others like Jared. Info on how the Russia s operated will remain classified always because they will not let the russians know what they know and how they know it…..he will be impeached but not soon. He will not last the fulk four and if he does he def wont get another considering more that would have voted against him did not turn but wilk now and a huge portion regret voting for him who will not vote or will vote the other way next timde

  6. comey: "I've had many conversations with humans over the years."

  7. maybe they can make chart of what to eat before heading to beach so your pee is good quality!

  8. "he was fired? you're kidding!"

    least convincing guy ever.

  9. Just a note to you, Phil… whomever did you closed captioning has written Trump's name as Drumpf in every instance on this video. While I find that secretly hilarious, I know you probably will want it to be accurate.

  10. As someone from Europe who pays 3.99€/month for unlimited mobile internet and no other mobile fees that "only 26 dollars a month" ad cracked me up

  11. and more likely he included the size of his penis because every girl who gets dumped by a guy goes on to tell everybody they can f**** find that he has a small penis and he was s*** in bed

  12. Phil, perhaps you should just drop what you are doing and start a new political party names the "Common Sense" party. You really have a knack for it.

  13. If democrats are saying Comey lost all credibility then they should be praising Trump for replacing him with someone that wont botch the "Russian Investigation."


  15. On my subtitles for this video, whenever Phil says Trump it comes up as Drumpf. I don't know who is behind this but I approve.

  16. Anyone else notice that cc says Drumpf instead of Trump.. I mean that's his family's original name but why put it instead of Trump?


  18. This guy gives me a headache 🤕 too much rambling. James Comey is a nut job. Glad president Trump fired him. He needed to go. Trump/Russia collusion is fake news.

  19. Shoutout to whoever wrote Trump as Drumpf in the closed captions. You are my hero.

  20. As NAS said in his latest Album, today's hiphop is all about ''fake it till you make it''

  21. Thank you for actually reporting on the comey firing fairly. I'm so sick of partisan news. It's refreshing to hear news that's not heavily against or heavily for Trump just because of political beliefs. This is REAL news.

  22. Ousting Comey should have been one of Trump's first acts as president. I hate Clinton, but even I think that stunt he near the end of the elections about reopening the investigation into her just to tell us there was nothing else to see. The guy inserted himself where he didn't belong, to what end I don't know, but I know he needed to go.

  23. Okay, so liberal sentiment now, is to bash all russians, but let Muslims rape and murder at their discretion. 👌

  24. All of these fucking criminals are trying to edge their agenda in by delegating lies on ALL FRONTS. Then wanna holla some shit, like "WOKE"… Bitch you sleepy af

  25. There are no Russian ties. This shit is fucking stupid.

  26. I think they both did it. I think this may be a manipulation tactic to get people on trumps side. First they give the ones not on trumps side to not trust the FBI director so they can lose him popularity and when he is looking into the russian scandal they use that now lack of popularity to fire him so he can win over hillary and keep his russian ties. Hell for all we know HIllary is involved letting these emails be known and planting them to trick the fbi director to sabotage one of the only people who could easily get in their way

  27. democrats in October 2016 – Comey needs to be fired!

    democrats in May 2017 – Trump fired Comey, he's obviously a Nazi!

    make up your mind you hypocritical cucks.


  28. Phil. The investigation on Russia's involvement with the election would last until Trump was no longer president (coincidental?) despite being proven to be unfounded on every level. Its a waste of time.

    Its like telling a kid they should stop doing something, then finding out months later they are still doing that thing.

  29. 5:23 yea you will like it if you like trump bashing "comedians" who report "news" . the one i hate the most is samantha bee

  30. ABOUT TING: anyone have any reviews on final cost at the end of the month? I checked reviews and some people said there were hidden fees and their bill came out more than expected. Just wondering!

  31. Not sure if you get time to review your captions but watched your video with captions on and every time you say Donald Trump's name, it appears as Donald Drumpf. Regardless if people like him or not, it makes your channel seem less professional – to me at least. Perhaps get it checked out. Cheers!

  32. at 10:37 you say "it was non-trump related" but the cc put non-drumpf shame google.

  33. Lavarov is probably thinking "They fired him now? Do these americans not know how that would look, is Trump really that stupid? It must be a joke!"

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