Shocking!! Politician tells truth about money!! #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Australia #News


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9 thoughts on “Shocking!! Politician tells truth about money!! #ThingsWeShouldInvestigate #Australia #News

  1. I find that the ones that tell you someone is after you are the ones that are after you

  2. have a look at werbank apparently they'll create promissory notes aswell. 🙂

  3. Those who own the money – banks, rule the governments; mainstream media, the film, music, education, justice system, pharma, food industries. The United Nations; NATO, The World Health Organisation and there are many more, that are mere mafia-controlled fronts, to give us the impression, that we as a people are being protected; looked after and cared for! It´s all bollocks – to coin one of David Icke´s phrases! Zionist-Jews; the terrorist state of Israel, all American presidents since the assassination of John F. Kennedy, are still working towards the main and real agenda, which is, to turn our world and its peoples, into a devastating and monstrous horror scenario! Zionist-Jews, though they are truly not of Jewish descent, are equally puppets to a greater and much more powerful master than they appear to be. Zionist-Jews are indeed the scum of the earth but, they themselves are mere serfs in the eyes of their handlers! We, the people, are much stronger, more spiritually connected and mighty, than any cancerous and DNA distorted excuse for human beings. Let´s ask ourselves, honestly and truly; how can we as human beings, make our world a better, safer, more loving and peaceful place? Amen!

  4. Too few statesmanlike politicians around these days.

  5. dianne abbot too busy on her phone there.

  6. Wow. This is great. There needs to be more views!!

  7. excellent recall of a well spoken truth… keep up the analysis… well done… 🙂

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