SHOCKING !!! PIZZAGATE ARREST Made In April 2016 Child Trafficking Pizza And Pedophiles – DISGUSTING #PizzaGate #Corruption

This stuff is WAY BIGGER than we all imagined.. ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Federal charges keep piling up against Loren Copp. Last week the feds brought child porn charges against the south St. Louis man. Copp, who was once a pastor, is in more serious legal trouble.

Copp operated Dojo Pizza is facing five new counts involving five different girls. The new counts involve producing explicit images of those five girls.

Reaction in the neighborhood, the 4600 block of Morganford, is mixed. Some people say before the charges Copp seemed like a positive force in the neighborhood, trying to help crack down on crime and make the area safer. They wonder now if they were fooled by him. Other people want him punished and put in prison if convicted.

Dojo Pizza owner faces federal child porn charges



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18 thoughts on “SHOCKING !!! PIZZAGATE ARREST Made In April 2016 Child Trafficking Pizza And Pedophiles – DISGUSTING #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. One down a thousand to go

  2. 4 pedophiles voted thumbs down on reporting about pedophiles !! HMMMM LMFAO what a web they weave

  3. VL!!!

    Plz go to Common Sense Show yt ch & ck today's upload:
    US Military Preparing….
    Can't post link or send pm but you should be able to search with the above info. Let me know if you have any problem…

  4. Right "pizza" will never be the same. Look for pedos anywhere kids are the customer base or where they congregate… however, don't go on witch hunts there. There are good people who care about kids and work to help them. Just keep your eyes open as we've done on school campuses.

  5. I hope and pray they get the ALL

  6. Find them all and through them into a dungeon and lose the key.

  7. Jew? this guy have any connections to the podesta's Clintons or James elephants?


    Dojo's Pizza video. Check out the lyrics to this creepy song on this slideshow!

  9. Definitely a pattern they bring it to the light of day major news just like trillions of dollars missing out of the Pentagon then 911. Then this wonder what destruction to this country is coming?

  10. why are they all pizza involved I don't think I will ever eat it again

  11. They've all been set up and they're all going to get taken down. A lot of people are going to prison from all over the world. I've been waiting for this.

  12. Oh my geeez…. this is worldwide.All the way to the Vatican.And yes, the word Pizza will NEVER be the same.Look up history of. 'Granpa Walton' from the TV series.He,although married,was gay.My point is if you research you will find his 'called lifepartner' was a strong socialist minded man just like 'granpa Walton' who worked for years trying to legalize pedophilia.This horrendous plague is bigger than we will ever know.

  13. there are federal cases involving Orthodox Jews who are pedophiles everyday that the public doesn't know about because the feds sealed indictments and the judges who are Jewish let them go Scott free usually. I have first-hand knowledge because I did time in federal prison for marijuana I was surrounded by Jewish pedophiles with the most disgusting cases for instance one guy Baslan was caught opening a daycare to molest infants he preferred them teething!!

  14. All who harm children will be cast into the pit. They will be judged!

  15. The word pizza will never be the same….

  16. the US govt is gearing up for a false flag flying saucer attack to cover up their giant pedophile ring. don't worry, NASA builds all the flying saucers

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