Shocking and Graphic – Girl 15, Judo Thrown to Near Death, Seizures #PizzaGate #Corruption

First of all a warning the images of this girl sezuring may haunt u. I feel a responsibility to tell u this. This video is not 4 everybody if ur not sure then dont watch.
I neglect to mention it in the video word if any charges r being filed against the minor 4 the brutal assault. The argument alledgedly obver a phone.
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6 Thoughts to “Shocking and Graphic – Girl 15, Judo Thrown to Near Death, Seizures #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. What?! He was calm and warned her. She came at him. I thought men and women were equal?! Come at me like a man after I tell you not to, then you're gonna get treated like a man.

  2. MAXLIB, I agree. This was absurdly excessive force. But, as to your comment on Chivalry. As it is classically understood, defines a universal etiquette. i.e. Ladies and Gentlemen. It requires both to work;

  3. This was her fault. She started the fight. She made physical contact first. Girl or not, it's called equality and that's what feminists teach in today's society. Also the term of "a man doesn't hit a lady" has been changed into you don't hit any psycho belligerent "girl" that hits bites spits kicks and attacks a man. A "lady" doesn't hit men so they don't get hit by men.

    The guy in this video did nothing wrong but defend himself from a over confident spoiled brat that got violent and attacked him. If it was me I would have done the same thing. And if it was a guy it would have been way worse than just being put into a headlock and taken to the ground.

  4. Hey Anthony. Long time fan here. Respectfully, I think you are missing a huge teachable moment here as to the non aggression principle. I'll PM you my number. I'm too tired to type right now but you need some addendum's here. Much love, brother.

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