Sarah Sanders Explains Why Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey #LatestNews

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Sarah Sanders Explains Why Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey

sarah sanders explains why president donald trump fired james comey the final catalyst this is world news today and usa news and latest news in current events this was during the white house press briefing and white house press conference, president trump fired comey why did trump fire comey this is why the last straw this was taken live in full and is with press secretary sarah sanders and some questions on russia

original air date: 5/10/2017



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26 Thoughts to “Sarah Sanders Explains Why Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey #LatestNews”

  1. brush off technique is never a good approach.. what is she doing there ?

  2. democrats are insane they can not do simple math !

  3. how stupid r these reporters to ask same questions over and over

  4. one question per journalist! not one debate!

  5. Shes like Lebron …dunking madness

  6. Trump is a Russian spy and will be impeached.

  7. half of America was wanting comey fired before Trump was elected. half of America is obviously ungrateful for getting what they wanted.

  8. Why is the press allowed in these brieings, they won't report it unless it fits the leftist agenda.

  9. if anyone has paid attention for the last year or so to a legitimate news agency would not have to ask "why" did Comey get fired. Please ask why it took so long!!!

  10. Sarah Sanders has a better handle on this job than the guy that does it.

  11. Sarah Sanders needs to come out and hold more press conferences, she devours the MSM like no tomorrow!!!  Loved it!

  12. Donald Trump creating jobs there is an opening in the FBI,

  13. Did anyone else notice that the woman reporter interrupted her three times, but wait this can not be it is men who interrupt just ask any feminist or SJW. they will tell you the same thing stupid damn men with their mansplaining, manspreading, and now Manterupting. We all know women are never the one to interrupt or try to be condescending when explaining something. It is not like women take up space on a subway with their bags or anything we all know men are responsible for everything that is wrong with the world.

  14. Round 5 and there a good combo A Left upper cut right hook down goes the Media

  15. Listen, James Comey is taking his orders and has been taking his orders from someone outside of the White House. For him to not follow the chain of command let's you know, he's marching to someone elses agenda. I'm glad Trump is sending the message that he will mot be played by firing Comey to Comey's superiors. I guess Comey thought his bosses would protect him, but he was wrong. Let's see now if he will be included in the Clinton indictments along with many others.

  16. The new FBI Director MUST investigate all democrat's dealings and financial transactions between russians and the democrats

  17. I love it. She confirms trump is a two faced liar. Candidate trump loved Comey in October
    Now president trump says bow to me and Comey said kiss my ass in the crack. Trump fired him. And still believed him when he said you are not under investigation Comey lied to save his job
    Everyone knows trump is under investigation

  18. This trump biotch looks fatter and fatter in every video LOL

  19. no way anyone is a democrat today but in the news and hollyweird pos , they are paid by China btw….

  20. TRUMP 2020!!!

    go to hell left lying scum fake news pos……


  21. Go girl go girl . Ignore them ………..finally!

  22. Great another fucktard to deflect more 🐂💩

  23. Trump Threw all of this out the window today LOL. The narrative WAS ALL A LIE he THREW HER AND PENCE UNDER THE BUS.

  24. I think the Democrats are going to be so persistent and dig so deep we WILL find out eventually find what was in Hi liar ys deleted emails 😉

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