Rob McConnell Interviews : Jim Koepke – Government Corruption Talked About by a Federal Employee Whi #corruption #theresistance #russiagate


Just in time for the 2008 election year, “Good Enough for Government Work” is a highly realistic portrayal of sex crazed, booze swilling bureaucrats who use your tax dollars to enjoy their life to the fullest. Written by a government employee who has seen it all, this work of highly realistic fiction will shock you. Jim Koepke is a longtime government employee whose work ethic has gotten him into lots of trouble while winning countless awards for excellence in management and government. Inspired to write “Good Enough for Government Work” while watching millions of tax dollars poured down the drain, Jim wants readers to think carefully about who they vote for this year. This is Jim’s fourth book. He is nationally recognized as an expert on the subject of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.


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