Rep. Maxine Waters On James Comey Firing: This Is Highly Unusual | MSNBC #LatestNews

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While Rep. Maxine Waters remains very critical of James Comey she is one of many Democrats who disagree with him being fired from the FBI during the middle of the Russia hacking investigation.
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Rep. Maxine Waters On James Comey Firing: This Is Highly Unusual | MSNBC



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27 Thoughts to “Rep. Maxine Waters On James Comey Firing: This Is Highly Unusual | MSNBC #LatestNews”

  1. T M

    Maxine Waters you don't make any sense anymore, maybe time for you to retire!

  2. I'm black and I voted Trump. democrats are lunatics.

  3. Ha ha now what u gonna say Maxine? No collusion with Russia Comey finally admitted it! No more crap from u traitor! No more bonuses for u! Ha ha


  5. No you're not confused! She is my spirit animal ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Maxine Waters- the face of the Democratic franchise. Hilarious!
    TRUMP-2020 MAGA
    Liberal tears are like drops of sweet honey.

  7. Didn't this old bag play Mama Jefferson on the Jefferson's?

  8. Trump is tormented and being blackmailed by the Russians as we speak And all staff members are lawyering up as they should be

  9. This women lives in a $3.5 million mansion that's not even in her districts.
    Now how do you afford a house like that on $175k salary?

  10. hey Maxine Bill Clinton fired the head of the FBI investigating him . the next day the prime whiteness .Vince Foster got found dead with a bullet in the back of his head .Clinton's opponted new guy called it seuicide . so delusional

  11. Behold, one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States. She's sickening.

  12. An orangutan trying to sound educated. Democrats should nominate Maxine Waters in 2020. Wouldn't that be a scream? The first female chimpanzee to occupy the Oval Office. A tree house adjacent to the White House will have to be built especially for her.

  13. Can some one please buy her a fur coat then take her deer hunting.

  14. She sounds like she's gonna die every time she talks.

  15. The left is lost in the sauce, and if MSNBC did more of this (their job) they would be watchable.

  16. Meet the smail test? WTF! Does she contradict herself often or is it me?
    She sounds like Mother Jefferson.

  17. Joe

    She stole James Brown's hair.

  18. She seems normal.

    For California.

  19. This woman is the best California can do? Every time she speaks is a blooper video.

  20. NO YO NOT CONFUZZED!!!!! lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. Maxine is at least surrounded by intellectual equals [ Mika , Joey !]

  22. I'm not upset they fired Comey. I think the entire lot should be fired.

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