Rep. Adam Schiff Confirms ‘More Than Circumstantial’ Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

In this Majority Report clip, we watch Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, tell Chuck Todd that his knowledge of the investigation into the Trump campaign/administration and Russia has moved from the realm of circumstantial to more solid ground.

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18 thoughts on “Rep. Adam Schiff Confirms ‘More Than Circumstantial’ Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion #corruption #theresistance #russiagate

  1. Chuck Todd is an idiot. The fact Trump hired an Exxon head is enough evidence of how twisted he is

  2. Democratic* Rep. and I thought the Benghazi story was dumb.

  3. well….time for Schiff to be brave and pull a Snowden if he has it.

  4. Jared Kushner is up to his eyeballs in this mess. Incredible story so far and we don't even know most of the details yet.

  5. Just when the house investigation started to get close Nunes shut down the investigation.

  6. they'll hold this off as long as they can keep getting the clown to rubber stamp their least popular agendas, so they can defer the blame onto him when he gets booted out.

  7. We really have no idea if Schiff is bluffing because he's a Democrat and this is just politics. I really hope he does have something.

  8. Great now how long till we get an investigation into Trump's Saudi/Israeli connections?

  9. Can someone arrest Devin Nunes, please?

  10. We now know manafort was laundering russian money through Cypriot banks.

  11. Trump's Dictatorship
    Mentality Has finally caught up with him! Impeach
    him and his whole cabinet on Party to a crime. (Treason)
    A Bunch of other Crimes including lying Under Oath!
    The People of America Want a
    Public Trial like They did With President Clinton!
    High Crimes against
    Our Constitution was Grounds enough for Clinton!
    Their are Millions of Americans in Prisons Now who were prosecuted
    On Circumstantial Evidence!
    We want a Very Speedy Public Trial!

  12. This investigation is moving slower than moronic molasses

  13. 2:19 According to Jimmy Dore, the snow would have been there before, you just weren't able to notice it or paying attention.

  14. Have you heard ( Ring of fire) reported Florida (maralargo) is requesting compensation from Trump for his frequency of visits causing neighbouring businesses to loose money due to his security requirements!!??

  15. The plot thickens…the noose tightens around Chump's neck…

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