Remember what the Liberals said before the last election. (2016) #Australia #Corruption

Well, here we go to the next election. We all know this is the last day. So I think it is important that we remember what this lot promised before they went to the last election. Remember what they promised last time: no cuts to health. And what did they do in their first budget? They slashed public hospital funding. They promised no cuts to education. And what did they do? They slashed school funding. And what was the third promise they made? They said: ‘No cuts to pensions.’ And in the 2014 budget, of course, they decided that they would cut pensions by up to $80 a week over a 10-year period. Of course, we were able to defeat that measure. So, as we go to this election, every Australian will be listening very carefully to what these people say, because they know: nothing they promise can be believed.

This Prime Minister is taking the following things to this election. This is what is in this week’s budget: cuts to Medicare—and my colleague the member for Ballarat will set out how the cuts to Medicare will lead to increased prices every time someone has to go to the doctor—cuts to schools; cuts to family tax benefits; cuts to pensions; cuts to Paid Parental Leave; and cuts to young job seekers.

This Prime Minister’s budget is fundamentally unfair. What this Prime Minister is doing, at the same time as he is cutting Medicare, pensions and schools, is giving a tax cut to the wealthiest Australians while, at the same time, cutting money out of the pockets of millions of ordinary Australian families. One and a half million Australian families face enormous cuts to their budgets. And this genius at the dispatch box says, ‘These are cuts from two years ago.’ Yes, they are—they are still in the budget, you genius! You’re an absolute genius!



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  1. Promised no change to pensions then attack the elderly and disability pensions. Time for this government to go. ALP to win. Liberals have been the bigger wasters of money contrary to the myth that Labor overspends.

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