Reddit Attempts To Silence Infowars #PizzaGate #Corruption

Reddit has shadow banned Infowars as the mass censorship of anti-establishment content accelerates under the guise of stopping “fake news”.
As users of The Donald Reddit have complained about numerous times, links to Infowars are being deliberately prevented from appearing in Reddit’s popular /new/ category.

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11 thoughts on “Reddit Attempts To Silence Infowars #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Yes cry cry 😢😪😢all you hypocritical, self righteous lunatics on the left the Celine from your tears feed my white privileged ego, Waite can I have a white privileged ego even though I'm Native American ? 🤔

  2. we have quite a dictatorship on the horizon, but what these people do not understand the more they tighten there grip, the more Revolutions and Movements they are gonna get.. humanity is now seriously p###ed!

  3. Just so others understand this, as it happens here on a few occasions. "Stealth banning (also called shadow banning and hell banning) is a practice used by some online community managers to block content added by spammers and Internet trolls, as well as other individuals whose interests do not coincide with the managers."

    I am a moderator at a firearms forum, and we do this on the nutters who post things about shooting people, or who spread false info about firearms law, and when corrected, they argue against the moderators, where some are attorneys. Generally, they are people we ban, but come back with a new IP and user name. They can post to their hearts content, though nobody can see it, they just think they can. We rarely do it, but those like Reddit, it would seem, are doing it to any who support conservatism or nationalism.

  4. Jews brought into and controlled Western media for over one hundred . We are seeing just how powerful controlling the media is . If the main stream media are losing their power, it means they are losing power over controlling Us.

    In the old days the puppet show of the Hillary Election would have seen her into office.

  5. Paul Joseph Watson is a total nobody in the UK. Jimmy Savile is more well known. Alex buy the kid a new suit for Christ sakes.

  6. the war on fake news is censoring real news.

  7. Well, Hillary is dead. Keep the game up soros we cant wait.

  8. So this is what entertainment looks like in the hillbilly sticks when you hicks aren't shot full of heroin or passed out drunk.

  9. Maybe it's the Illuminati or aliens or the lizzard people! HURRR HURR HURRRR…

    You're being silenced because your retarded conspiracy theorist bullshit is anything but news.

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