rape #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

Är inte kvinnor värda något för er?



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22 thoughts on “rape #swedenincident #Pizzagate #Pedogate

  1. I did not see any rape,and the female in the background is smiling,bullshit fake news

  2. swedes are a shame to humanity. what a joke.

  3. Refugees go to sweden to get help, not to rape. The country needs Trump.

  4. he should be shot on sight for doing this vertical video in a first place.

  5. Muslim scum need to be liquidated from the Western world. City by city, block by block, house by house.

  6. Swedystan, Germanistan, Englistan, Frankistan, Belgistan and !Poland&Hungary!

  7. He was just culturally enriching her you racists!

  8. Blame your own corrupt politicians who let such scum into your land in first place.

  9. Fuck Islam, kill Them all!

  10. this immigrants should be playmate at the gaypride

  11. at 1:25 you see a/ the girl. It doesnt look like she has been raped. I didnt find a video of any rape activity yet.

  12. Throw them in jail and let them rot. So disgusting.

  13. Back in 1992, on 28 December, the Muslim naval units of the Army of BiH inflammation is early morning in the village of Donja Bioča. One of the first victims of the mujahedin's nine-year old Mirjana Dragicevic, which were previously in the eyes of a mother Rade savagely raped.

  14. Ta bort videon, tänk på tjejen som blev utsatt!!!

  15. THIS is what happens to your country and women when you let in Muslim migrants.

  16. Why is the terrorist or rapist ALWAYS MUSLIM?

  17. wtf they were thinking?? filthy rapefugees

  18. You confessed to Kosovo, holy land, supporting the Albanian terrorists and drug dealers, now slowly all to get in your house. Evil love, evil hope.

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