Rachel Maddow – Shocking corruption exposed in prison system

Nov 7, 2014
Rachel Maddow salutes reporter Jerry Mitchell for his reporting on the Mississippi prison system, and describes the corruption prosecution of the former prison commissioner, Christopher Epps, on dozens of federal charges involving nearly one billion dollars.



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12 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow – Shocking corruption exposed in prison system

  1. 6:45 Y'know, the whole point of taking cash bribes is to NOT involve a bank and leave a paper trail. What a fuckin' idiot.

  2. Corruption in the Iowa prison system is just as bad. Just ask the corrupt officer William Sperfslage. He is one of the top dogs wasting tax-payer money at the Anamosa State Penitentiary.


  4. I wish she had just gone ahead and named Cecil McCrory and given his history as a state employee, and OWNER of the companies that got the contracts to provide services like the food in the prisons. He was so  much more than just some "business guy- he was a former state legislator, judge and was currently serving as the School Board President, effectively tweaking the school to prison pipeline. Smh

  5. Yes the GOP is the best party to vote for. Private prisons and a system of theft, bribery and waste. Who do you think privatized these prisons.

  6. There are certain things that should never be privatized. The ability to take someones freedom for profit is one of them.

  7. HoRRay for Jerry Mitchell! Lock em' up, Greedy Dirt Bags. Go get some more Dirt Bags…Jerry! Peace

  8. Our entire System of Justice is corrupt from top to bottom ! Numerous prisoners are brutalized and die while incarcerated in San Diego prisons each year while the corrupt DA Bonnie Dumanis uses hundreds of police and state officials to arrest and incarcerate innocent people just to bolster their own arrest records to mislead voters in order to get re-elected in the communities in which they serve. In many county's and states across this nation, Private Corporations control and run our prison systems. These Corporations and their share holders lease this land and these jails back to the state, hence they become the landlords. In most of these county's the actual Judges presiding over these cases are the actual key share holders of these privately held corporations. That's right, the house of corrections is owned by the same corrupt Judges who sentence these innocent people to extra long periods of time in their own jails, guaranteeing 98% occupancy at all times, which adds up to huge profits for themselves at the expense of our own communities and makes a mockery of the rule of law. This type of sinister collusion and conspiracy is quite pervasive all across this nation in every state across America. Judges are above the law and have no regulations or oversight and frankly have been given the authority to do as they please. They are immune from prosecution and have been given ultimate power to arrest anyone. This has been going on for many decades. Today corruption runs ramped through-out our court rooms between Judges, Lawyers, Law enforcement, district attorneys, investigators, court reporters, bailiffs, the labs investigating these crimes and the chemist who are hired by their close friends in law enforcement to analyze key evidence, Coroners hired to conduct autopsies and government officials who can easily tamper with the states evidence and DNA samples, ruthless prison guards who have the authority over life and death,etc,… The worst part of this story is that it's all legal. The Jury selection process is just as bad and just as corrupt. The amount of room that is left wide open to manipulate the rule of law is simply astonishing to say the least. It's incredible. As a result we have created a slave labor force that rivals any third world country in the world today, paying 50 cents an hour for inmates to perform dangerous jobs like fire fighting or become lab rats for the pharmaceutical Industry. This is a huge human rights issue that for the most part is totally ignored by the main stream media and ignored by society through-out this country as a whole. Term limits on all Judges would quickly turn things around and restore the rule of law. Requiring cops to come from and live in the communities in which they serve would also help to eradicate this type of outrageous behavior and crimes being committed against our local communities and society. Holding compulsive liars in a court of law criminally responsible for their deceptive actions and behavior, especially the millions of Lawyers and Cops who lie in court everyday who are obligated to tell the truth under oath, but often ignore their responsibilities to society would also help matters to restore integrity back into our system of justice, which lacks any sense of conscience, cohesion or credibility today. Our system of democracy is rigged, rotten to the core but politicians avoid this issue like the plague, fearing they might be perceived as to soft on crime by the local press. A civil society is Judged by not the wealthiest of its citizens, but by its most vulnerable. Prisoners in our System of Justice don't stand a chance of rehabilitation under the current regime today.

  9. As a black man, I will never understand why the black people that we "do" get in charge, don't know that they 'HAVE" to do it better! Just because the 'white" people before you got away with it doesn't mean YOU will !!  He made himself a target !

  10. We don't expect much from our state prisons… and boy howdy do we ever get it.

  11. When you privatize an institution like the prison system, you are bringing money and the concept of profit into in, and then this is exactely what you can exspect.

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