Protest against alleged govt corruption, calls for PM to step down #corruption #theresistance

(9 Sep 2011)
1. Wide shot of protesters gathering outside Al-Husseini mosque, chanting
2. Mid shot of protester carried on shoulders, he chants anti-government slogans, crowd responds
3. Mid shot of protesters chanting
4. Wide shot of protesters holding a symbolic coffin with bread stuck to it, (Arabic) “Price rises” written on it
5. Mid shot of bread attached to coffin
6. Wide top shot of protest, pan left to protesters marching and chanting
7. Wide shot of police making a line marching a head of protest
8. Wide shot of protesters marching and chanting anti-Israel slogans
9. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Ali Abu Sukkar, member of Muslim Brotherhood, opposition party in Jordan:
“We demand a government of national consensus, a government of national unity to lead Jordan in the coming phase, and to get Jordan out of this political crisis.”
10. Wide shot of protesters holding banner reading (Arabic) “Changing politics before changing governments”
11. Wide shot of protest, police walking ahead
12. Wide top shot of protest
About a thousand people took to the streets of the Jordanian capital Amman on Friday, to protest against alleged government corruption and to call for Prime Minister Marouf al-Bakhit to step down.
The protest was organised by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the largest and best organised opposition party in Jordan.
Protesters chanted anti-government slogans demanding reform of the ruling regime and the dissolution of parliament.
They were also protesting against the high cost of living.
They have been encouraged by their Arab Spring peers across the region and by revelations of corruption in the government.

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