President Donald Trump: James Comey ‘Wasn’t Doing A Good Job’ | NBC News #LatestNews

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Donald Trump addressed the press about the firing of FBI Director James Comey, saying “wasn’t doing a good job.”
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President Donald Trump: James Comey ‘Wasn’t Doing A Good Job’ | NBC News



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48 Thoughts to “President Donald Trump: James Comey ‘Wasn’t Doing A Good Job’ | NBC News #LatestNews”

  1. The entire world will watch the impeachment proceedings on CNN, PBS and BBC.

  2. we are with you Mr President.

  3. Face it white nationalists this Fake President is on his way to impeachment. Ratings have dropped courtesy of his "loyal" uneducated hillbilly supporters. Most unqualified President in History. Congratulations.

  4. I hope next bill for trump is to make middle class and lower class be payed 3rd world wages like $1/hr hahaha

  5. when is Trump going to fire the president for not doing a good job?

  6. Same could be said about Donald Trump not doing a good job for America.

  7. Trump says Comey is  "showboat" and "grandstander"…. a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Keep combing that hair Mr Trump… sorry Mr Vainglorious.

  8. Oh, look Trump is sitting with the infamous war criminal Henry Kissinger. I wonder what the evil lizard masters have up their sleeves this time.

  9. n*** Trump you are the 😈 bitchs

  10. Hey Trump supporters how stupid do you feel now?

  11. Well played trump, for now… it's only a matter of time.

  12. Stop the stupid "Rusiian" bull already. Hillary, Obama, etc. were the ones making dirty deals w/ Russia & screwing the Americans. The media had communists in it in the 1970's when I was a kid. They are full blown communists now! Watch Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, etc.

  13. Donald Trump is A Liar
    He knew he was Under
    Investigation when he
    Place himself in the White House Trump Is Trying his
    Best To Cover The Truth
    Up His On Putin Payroll n
    Have been For Years
    Trump wants the Investigation To Stop
    But The United States People
    Need To No The Truth About This So Call President His A Liar Criminal Traitor

  14. Yea comey this and that but…………………. Look who is sitting beside President Trump…………. THAT should be what people should be worried about >_>

  15. Comey history
    Investigates Hillary- trump praises him
    He starts investigating trump and Russia- trump fires him
    Hmmmmm. Very suspicious.

  16. Comey history
    Investigates Hillary- trump praises him
    He starts investigating trump and Russia- trump fires him
    Hmmmmm. Very suspicious.

  17. They should have had the firing of Comey done in the board room.

  18. Has anybody taken a look at the figures of daily usage in tonnage of
    global shipping? One short movement at 21 Knots calculated at 765tonne
    of diesel usage for an 8.5hr shipping container vessel movement and I am
    sitting here wondering why global crude oil usage has increased from 85
    billion barrels of oil per day to 110 billion barrels of oil per
    day….Keep this up and our entire economy dies very soon all together
    game over.

  19. After seeing many comments from Trump followers I now agree that they obviously don't share 1 brain cell between them and the one's that do have brain cells should be ashamed of a comment below, which state's "Who cares if Putin helped Trump win, just makes me like him even more" How is that Making America great again 🤔🙄😎

  20. Please outlaw all heath insurance programs, federal and private, as they all fund medical scams, from surgery cuttings that dramatically shorten lives, to fake chemistry pharma by "electron microscope" machining limit at .001" accuracy. Salaried wound care and bone repair only. Delegate the shutdown.

  21. Will someone PLEASE explain to trump that for THAT SPECIFIC REASON ALONE,he IS TO GATHER ALL his CRAP & CREW & GTFO!!!

  22. i didn't care for trump until I discovered he was a member of the flat earth society.
    make america flat again!

  23. Trump fired Comey has nothing to do with Russia why keep asking about Russia also meeting with Lavrov has nothing to do with Russia either.

  24. stupid trump. you too no doing a good job. why don't you resign. crock. trump. and your stupid family. taking advantage of the Americans money. God help us. 😕😕😕

  25. does he realised he's ugly slob…my sympathy.

  26. To fire a FBI Director you need to have a valid reason and a more specific and detailed declaration. Trump is just trying to cover up evidence that he has ties to Putin
    Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!! Lock him up!!!

  27. Why Why Why???? You all make me sick! Comedy oops lol love the way his name is auto corrected.Comey,was lieing or not answering,trying to keep his friends out of prison! He is gone! Be Happy! The swamp is being dried up!

  28. I can't wait to vote for Trump 2020!!! Finally a president with balls!

  29. Yes Trump Comey was doing a sh*t job, he was owned! No he is paying the price!
    Gowdey is coming! America will be great again!

  30. Trey Gowdy now in Comey's place then sick him on the hillbillies and the bummers,, One down at a time! They all got enough dirt to fill the grand canyon!

  31. POTENTIAL collusion… Lol, sweet dreams.

  32. Dictatorship starts like this….

  33. I don't know who looks worse trump or the idiots who voted for him.

  34. Don't ask the HARD questions Lester or you will not get another interview.

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