Prayer & Suffering For America-Sickness When is Enough Enough? #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped

Because the hearts of My people have repented for the sins of this land, because they have cried out to Me for justice, because they continue to press in and cry for justice, because they have turned from their wicked ways and humbled themselves before Me, I will continue to make their enemies impotent. But there is a very big price to pay My Loved ones. A very big price, you are dealing with decades of social engineering by the elite shadow government, and as it has been said, Rome was not built in a day, nor taken apart. They have been unseated and are lashing out with vicious retaliation. Why is it they do not recognize they are not fighting a man or a nation of people. Will I deliver My righteous ones over to a corrupt government when they have turned from their evil ways, repented, and set to work to make things right in this nation?

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Dear Family,

We now have a blog just for you to post your experiences and read about others who are coming into intimate relationship with Jesus. We’d love to hear about Him touching you at prayer time, or visions you have had with Him, going to Heaven, etc.

Love you all so very dearly…you are such a consolation to Ezekiel and I.


the scepter of wickedness shall not rest upon the land of the righteous, So that the righteous will not put forth their hands to do wrong.

Suffering and sickness…when is enough enough?



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21 Thoughts to “Prayer & Suffering For America-Sickness When is Enough Enough? #Obamagate #CIA #wiretap #wiretapped”

  1. Thank You my beloved Yeshua! I needed to hear this again, today! You are my beloved and i trust You with everything. I do not trust myself with myself, but i do trust You with everything! I am Yours, i am surrendering to you over and over again, for there is no one of this carnal world i trust. I love You with my entire being. You are so Holy, so good, so perfect, so trustworthy! You are the King of Kings' and the Holiest of Holies. You are my faithful God, my faithful healer, my faithful friend, my faithful love and my faithful husband! THANK YOU my beloved Yeshua. I want Your will be done! I want Your way Lord, not mine! I love You so very much, my one and only true love!

  2. can you please tell me if the Lord is pleased with me? I really need it.

  3. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  4. I needed to hear this.
    may God Bless you and all the
    good people following this channel.

  5. please pray for me. I have fallen away. I just want God back in my life and live for him. I need him to change my heart and mind. I am lost.

  6. (this is Israel)
    "Oração e Sofrimento pela América & Quando Recebemos um Basta Sobre as Enfermidades?"
    Translated into Portuguese Brazil –

  7. May 1st, is a day for evil to celebrate their triumph over good. The old USSR celebrated this day as a national holiday starting with Lenin. I believe that Obama and his ilk want an "American Spring" starting with riots that will be in major US cities such as LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, DC, Philadelphia will all have "spontaneous" riots (riots planned and paid for by the Globalists Jesus described as soulless).
    Prayer and the light of truth can mitigate and end this before a lot of people get hurt.
    God bless you

  8. Rome left the land but their roads and stone structures remained

  9. Loved the message and the Lords' perspective on sickness and healing. Crushed but not defeated or put to shame.where is their God. Reparation defined. Just a side note…the fed re finances going to tank the economy with a raise in rates in March to undermine Trump, to say " see he's failing". That's the globalists' agenda. We need to pray about this asking the Lord to intervene so we don't starve.

  10. Wow praise God. I'd like to share a small testimony about this: I've been feeling this suffering for a couple of days now, and yesterday it seemed to feel worse. As I was driving home, literally, just about every song that played from my phone was about storms. The Lord's presence was surreal at that moment. I like to play music on shuffle so that the Lord can pick out songs, so there's no doubt, that was him. Also, at a worship service earlier that day, we asked God to speak to us and he said trust, he's the same, & joy 🙂 I hope this can bring comfort to someone. Through these sufferings, evil is being put down, people are being saved, and God's will is being accomplished in you 🙂 Jesus is with us in every step, even through the valley of death, he will never leave us. We also become more like him through these trials. He will turn every bad thing into good 😊 God bless you family

  11. what can I do with out u MY LORD love you so much Lord thanks for everything

  12. I needed that message more than I could explain. I have been ready to quit for days now and can't. I am depended upon and completely empty.
    Its hard to explain something in a world where language is so misused. When you ask someone about their day, and they say it was horrific, all because traffic was slow and there was no coffee when they arrived to work. I'll say it was cruddy while I spent the day so ready to quit, and unable to recharge because people just add more and more to an already overflowing plate. And I do mean overflowing.
    Man, I needed that…. and another one tomorrow ♡
    Hey guys, peace and love to each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping away some of the loneliness ♡

  13. Lord Thank you for this great message. How we need this so much now. I am praying for justice in Peru as well, there are people in government who are introducing laws for abortion, gay marriage, and others like what happened to your nation. So help us God.

  14. Amen, thank you, Jesus..    I , by nature, am a big baby when it comes to suffering ill health..   and lately our Jesus has been teaching me how to have HIS attitude regarding it.   When I experience a lot of pain, I tend to focus only on the pain and how to get rid of it.. and it overwhelms my  focus and takes it off of Jesus and onto myself..    But the Lord seems to be teaching me to practice offering it up to Him by ignoring how bad I feel at the time and just focusing on how awesome it is to give Jesus the pain so He can use it as an offering for His Kingdom work on Earth as in Heaven..

  15. I have been with you since you had 2000 subscribers. I never blindly listen to anyone. Concerning things that are coming, your messages have been right when the majority of other said the opposite. The others usually speak of what I 'see' and my thoughts would fill in the blanks. The things you say usually go contrary to what I see yet bare witness to the character of our Heavenly Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That is the way God usually operates.
    Thank you for another good word. And as always, I take each message one at a time to pray and consider if it is Truth.
    In addition to that, it is true that you do use Bible verses and principles even if you don't give the address, they are heard and recognized.

  16. Your will be done Lord ❤✝❤

  17. This is an enormous subject. Amen Jesus " Yahshua"👰🙏🎁…
    " When we tether away from our Creator there's no telling how far out we will go." With today's news mankind is most definitely way out there…So of course I'm going to continue to interceed, pray, pray, pray and keep on carrying my cross. Thank You, this is a very encouraging message.🎁👰🙏🙌 Galatians 2:20

  18. This trial I have been going through is the worst of all trials my whole life and hopefully the last "major" one before I finally get to go home. However, looking back since 2/3, I am starting to realize how much the Lord protected me! My cousin is surprised i'm in one piece after witnessing what I had to. I myself am as well given my weak mental strength. And yet, I feel like it was an alternate dimension when it happened! Even now I feel like i'm half in and out of the physical realm. I have felt at times like I was "blocked" or protected from letting my mind go to dark places especially the few days after. When others have given to a deep grief I have still been numb. At times when my aunt and I start arguing or something happens where my mind slips I feel like yelling out how I want to off myself or telling the Lord how i've had it and will not stick around for my appointed time. And yet I feel the Lord pulling me back! I felt that the Lord knew I would have these moments when it all started. I have been offering it for the nation and really believe it is having a much greater effect than my other offerings. It is one day at a time, hopefully in the next year I will be sharing the glorious victories i've had over this trial! On another note, I was finally able to upload a rough version of my new instrumental! Here is the link, let me know what you think!

  19. This is a question for everybody, and Claire. If a loved one dies in a painful way, such as being killed or of cancer, will they remember the fear and pain of how they died as soon as they die and go to Heaven? I know they don't feel pain or fear in Heaven, but will they remember what happened to them if they were killed?

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