PODESTA – “NO PERSON TOO BIG TO JAIL” – (Also, having sound issues with the mic. Sorry) #Pizzagate #PizzaMansion #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta

My mic is REALLY dodgy during this! I think it’s fixed now. Quote starts at 1:20



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43 thoughts on “PODESTA – “NO PERSON TOO BIG TO JAIL” – (Also, having sound issues with the mic. Sorry) #Pizzagate #PizzaMansion #Pedogate #Skippy #ArrestPodesta

  1. please check out bookstore next door

  2. Your computer is being messed with remotely?

  3. Dramatic irony at the end, by Podesta.

  4. ….Why don't some Responsible Citizens grab this Slimy Bastard and "Water Board" all the Evil Information out of him….about all the Elite US Govt Pedophiles and all the Child Murders they've committed ….before he and his cowardly,degenerate accomplices flee the USA!


  6. Hope those words echo through his head when he's in jail.

  7. Please, investigate Dr. Phil. I have always found him creepy. Dr. Phil Accused Of Sexual Abuse!!! | PerezHilton.comperezhilton.com › Legal Matters

  8. PIZZAGATE BREAKING NEWS!.. Podesta video of child torture just surfaced..is it him, you help decide.. http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Fsuziedaud%2Fstatus%2F831898824763379716

  9. I know a lot about audio production but I've honestly never heard distortion like the sound you got.on.your mic tonight! Is the mic cable too close to another cable?

  10. What is the trippy opening music from?

  11. Hes a nobody, non human…Watching him talk made me sick.. These non human individuals all have that very evil look.. And he sound so so much like that vid. Thank You your feed is great!!

  12. yeah u fucking PEDOPHILE u will be jailed

  13. Podesta was the 4th grade kid who told his teacher when a 2nd grade girl punched him.

  14. something about him is off, he does come off mentally ill, like on the verge of a massive breakdown, hes trying to hold it together, trying to be normal, but even than he was off. bombards body language channel read his body language, worth viewing the video on you tube

  15. I have never wanted anything, as much, as I want this pervert in prison FOREVER.

  16. Echo You need to check out this presentation before Congress by Ashton Kutcher. It is one of the best and most well presented speech I've ever seen. This will break Pedogate wide open. Also, maybe get a quality microphone?

  17. i love ur voice. i love ur screen name. i love ur research. keep up the fine work.

  18. ugh this is the vid with his weird breathing

  19. Why do I see the lip reading doesn't match his words and the clips seems to have been cut/edit. I could be wrong.

  20. Hopefully he gets buried under the fcking jail.

  21. Hi ET – call me feeble, weedy, impatient, if you must*, but couldn't listen to the intro. I do hope your mic issues are better. JP's a sick, sick man. And Clinton turning on Wall Street is about as likely as her turning herself in.

    Let's hope his words become true.

    *just don't call me late for dinner – it's an ancient gag, but I still like it

  22. It looks like Podesta has a clown nose on lol. Cuz he's a fucking clown

  23. Pedosta looks like a crack smoker.

  24. george bush was too big to be thrown in jail

  25. I think he wants to go to jail…that's what it sounded like to me.

  26. echo, please consider, building a case may take some time….the police will need to be perfect in every way with this case. a lawyer for podesta and jimmy comet will be a powerful lawyer!
    i am going to believe that there are arrests coming….
    trump knows all about this…
    the police were the ones who pulled the "false flag" shooting at comet pizza….(remember what they took out as evidence of the shooting! hard-drive!)
    once that hard- drive in in police custody, they are free to open a case, investigation…
    they cant investigate cause of illegal hacking! Wouldn't hold up in court!
    Take care ECHO…thanks!
    [email protected]!

  27. Bombards Body Language channel did a vid on this Podesta piece. Interesting stuff.

  28. i like that word…"dodgy"

  29. Echo A possible theory on why they may be holding back on arrests is that Trump may need Republican votes for his political appointees and his Supreme Court nominee since many of the pedos going down might be Republican. You might want let others know of this possible theory also. Thanks

  30. scary how this psychopath has got away with so much.

  31. new videos on worldcorp site

  32. Sorry too fuzzy.stopped listening.

  33. People are already distorting the evidence of the video clip you investigated. Saying it was debunked as art! Even if this was staged and that is a very big "if" it is mind and visual pollution! They are also not sourcing it properly saying it is "Podesta art" and no mention of the company. Its so frustrating because this is how things get discredited. Its like Telephone in the worst way. I feel like there needs to be another video to address this but if I were to do it people would just think I was nuts. This is also allegedly Podesta, so be careful Echo I don't want you to be sued for slander. I worry about good people like you and just be careful lady! Bless you! ❤

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