Podesta, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga & Clinton’s Satanic Connection with “Spirit Cooking” Marina Abramovic #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

What does John Podesta, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga & Hillary Clinton have in common? Answer: “Spirit Cooking” Marina Abramovic.


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10 thoughts on “Podesta, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga & Clinton’s Satanic Connection with “Spirit Cooking” Marina Abramovic #SpiritCooking #PedoGate #Pizzagate

  1. Robbish saul alinsky was most likely an atheist who helped the poor people… that part is trup-campaig rubbish!

  2. because apparently everything must be his fault. pathetic. using crowley as a scapegoat YET AGAIN.

  3. total bullshit everywhere. you'd have to have no brain cells to believe it

  4. Hey you people do you know Marina Abramovic? She follows "Aleister
    Crowley" who wrote the book on Satanism! She is into "Spirit Cooking"
    and Lady Gaga follow's her teaching's! Also, Hillary Clinton's Campaign
    Manager, John Podesta is also involved in "Spirit Cooking" with
    Abramovic! This is pretty sick stuff, but you don't have to take my word
    for it, you can look it up! Remember when Hillary had Jay Z and Beyonce
    perform at one of her Rallies (Well they too are involved in it also)
    Jay Z wear's a "T" shirt with the words "Do What Thow Wilt" on it. That
    saying comes from "Aleister Crowley"! I'm not going to say anymore on
    this subject, but I am going to start by giving you this link –

    – Then just go and do your research on the other stuff. You will be
    amazed at what you will find. I suggest that you copy and past this in
    as many places you visit! (I think people should be informed about
    this crap!)

  5. yeah by why use at her rallies a week later makes no sense?

  6. jay-z loves nut… I knew it

  7. uhm the symbol Hillary is holding up is not satanic it means love in sighn language it's not devil horns so be truthful I have a deaf sister I know stuff like that makes you take it with a grain of salt is untruths I beleive she's a satanist but stuff like that makes me think your trying to get people to buy into it and I question this like I do everything

  8. so Jay Z & gaga drink blood & semen. wow

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