Planet X Update 22nd May 2017 Nibiru Planet X Horrifying & Dangerous Like ? Earth will Explode ! #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru


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14 Thoughts to “Planet X Update 22nd May 2017 Nibiru Planet X Horrifying & Dangerous Like ? Earth will Explode ! #UFO #ufosighting #Aliens #nibiru”

  1. Please give the coordinates for Nibiru so that we can observe it. If it is at all a problem for the solar system in any way then at least it will be visible in infrared light. Would so like to calculate the orbit proving it's existence.

  2. Why would you say earth will explode? Where is that in Scripture? It says the earth will toddle to and fro and be laid waste. NOT that it will explode. Is this really an issue that NEEDS to be sensationalized??!!!

  3. According to scripture in Revelation this will be a Super Natural  account done as it says in the book of Revelation when he comes back.  This is not what God's spirit is baring witness with what you are saying.  This can be a Nature, natural account with other planets, comets, asteroids as has always been as has happened before.  There is definitely war in the sky we cannot see but when that trumpet sounds it will be done by God.  What does Moses have to do with the one time coming event  of his Second coming?

  4. damn your just stealing content from everyone, John moore, Gil, Pastor B, Rex Bear, why don't you come up with your own stuff instead of stealing someone else videos and changing the title to a complete lie saying it's a udate when it's a really old ass video jerk! I am reporting your channel because your a complete FRAUD!!

  5. Again more regurgitated BS from 2015

  6. dude call.the federal reserve. by there name. they are zionist. jews. they are the synagogue. of satan

  7. 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th. plenty of dates in the calendar, plenty of months and years.
    the only thing that's inconsistent as a sour puss hoax are web created stories like these from people that knows better than real scientist and astronauts.


  9. As we say in Scotland..WIT a load of SHITE…where is the concrete evidence of this thing in the sky..I've looked at Orion for ten years,and most constellations and I haven't seen a thing…the truth is you can check history as far back as you can,try every trick in the book,,but nobody has got a clue…it's all theoretical jumbo jumbo…if this system was in our solar system we would be bouncing about like pool balls,that's if there is a thing called gravity,,so I really don't know what's going on,same as everybody else

  10. Not here to be negative, and when idiots call idiots, idiots. Well then we are all in trouble when we choose not listening. Just listen.

    Number one gentlemen I can back up what I say.
    There is no gravity, no photon, and really not magnetism.
    There is a universal force, that manifest itself from all aspects. And all matter is created/made from the amperage of the inertial mass to counter space. A magnet is a toroid, which is inside a toroid, the earth. That is counter space inside counter space……. pay attention
    The strong field in a magnet is only because the coherency of ifs mass is highly aligned "highly coherent" that is one manifestation as the universal force. Light is not a photon bouncing around, if it was it would be one distorted view, light is longitudinal propagating wave, a coaxial circuit.

    If a large body where to pass closely to the sun or us, it would have low coherency of matter, if its toroid is very weak and small because the matter is not highly coherent. If it was then it would get dragged into the sun.
    The only other way it come close, is the planetoid toroid is under control of an intelligent species. Controlling the Counter space effect on other bodies.

    Now one fact with supporting facts here match the "Crossing" as stated in the days of Noah, and other bible stories.
    Bible stories matching astrological events are more true then not.

    Here is today's fact with supporting facts:
    From 1992 till now they have been chemtrailing, meaning they predicted the sun, our energy would change, it would get hotter.
    Melting the Pole, causing CME's and also visitation possible from said event, the chemtrailing now makes sense.
    It's a control box, its a reflector, its a medium we can control. Remember how light works, its a tight fast coaxial wave through a medium.
    Earth quakes have picked up and the silky clouds and wired weather hold the evidence backed up with there latest announcement to Chemtrail the shit out of the sky. Something is coming, there is no doubt.
    This time we are advanced enough to create something new

    End of Line

    I am betting this planet will come closer than ever before, the chemtrailing is to cool us, and shield us from the dialectical electrical anomalies.
    It is low coherency then earth, although its toroid is not powerful.
    It is also in probable terms the last chance to wing the planet in a different direction. Chemtrailing will said in that event, with the expectation to loose the moon,

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