This is part 2 to a video series showing how the Pizzagate thing is being used by the elite to push for internet censorship. I am in no way denying that there is something going on … I am just saying we need to be wise in how we expose evil!




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26 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE/FAKE NEWS/INTERNET CENSORSHIP AGENDA Pt 2 #PizzaGate #Corruption


  2. Reality calls is a great channel for pizzagate info. Jesus is King!

  3. Ahhhhh…….You are afraid to lose your 400,000 SUBSCRIBERS and the Youtube REVENUE.

  4. I really respect your spirit and channel and have been following you for a while. I do not agree with everything of course. This is one of those things. The Pizzagate was created from the released FBI emails involving John Podesta etc. It was not a concoction (unless the FBI made up the emails). I believe it is simpler than that…the typical Hillary move: Attack. The MSM is attacking the media that outed them as Fake by ironically defaming non-MSM media. They are desparately trying to shut it up around this issue. But it is no different than the other scandals involving the Clintons – that were true deny, attack, deny, deny deny, attack.

    I do agree with your journalism ethics sentiment though… people online should carefully separate fact from assumption from speculation when they do reporting and research. it will strengthen themselves as an outlet for truth… it will also strengthen their exposes.

  5. Thanks for the shout. Glad you're on board.

  6. I'm about sick of your arrogance. You're self entitling authoritarian tone makes me sick. I swear I'm about 2 more arrogant sentences out of your mouth Mario and I'm going to do an expose video on you and show you how foolish you're acting. People disagree with you in the comments because you're not making sense. Yea there are dummies, but you just made a pt.2 because you didn't like all the comments who disagreed with you. If you would actually read the comments you would find my comment and others JUST like it who say the exact same thing. You're point doesn't make sense. Not that I don't understand what you're trying to say. I GET IT. YOU sir, don't understand what you're saying. I'm not going to retype my comment about your video for the 3rd time. All I'm saying is, I'm sick of your little know it all stuck up arrogant attitude and I swear I'll make a HUGE video exposing how much of a prick & a fool you've been lately. I'm a bible loving, born again Jesus Christ is my savior, guy and have been for many years. I'm not some lost dummy in the comments. I'm a christian brother who is sick of your crap Mario. Nearly every video you put out has a logical fallacy behind it. I"m not even the only one who see's that. A good and christian youtuber (whom I wont name) agree's with me in his comment section. You know who he is as well. You're stepping out of line dude. You're not making any sense and you're talking down to people AS IF you know more than the little dummy sheeple. Well I have words for you buddy. And they're not nice. I can show you your short coming and arrogant foolish attitude in a video, but I won't yet. I'll give you one last chance man. I have been a sub to you for years TVC. I do not enjoy the thought of putting you out there to show the world how you have been acting. But if you step out of line again with all this self riotous crap you've been spewing, than you're going to become fair game and a target. I'll show you exactly what you've been saying and doing. Consider yourself warned. Either humble up and stop talking down to people who disagree with you, or get off youtube and quit trying to represent our God publicly until you've wised up. You're not being a truther, you're just being an ass at this point man. A foolish know it all ass. Please excuse my language.

  7. The Truth will set you free dude, don't fear

  8. I am not going to watch, yes I do believe this also plays into psyops, but pizzagate is real. every country reported on pedo rings in the hundreds of people. EXCEPT USA! FUCKn Shits!

  9. this is what he's trying to bring to light because the vigilant christian is no fool
    smell the bullsh*t a mile away trivium method and may i
    suggest to everybody to do the same and you'll soon see through people like this
    huffington post employee #DavidSeaman 100,000 subscribers in 6 month+ something
    smells oh and not to forget #RealityCalls 25,000 subscribers in under 6 months of opening there account now something is really starting to Pong pardon the pun look
    up the trivium method to educate yourself on how to use the 3 categories of the trivium
    i would like you to know i'm not trying to say this evil satanic ritual abuse of children doesn't exist yes it does around the world most probably for millennium the point i'm trying to bring to peoples attention is the elites know they have lost control of the internet
    and are scared of us so much that they desperately need something to gain back that
    control so what better way to do it than pizzagate msm attacks quoting fake news for
    the excuse to censor the internet are life blood for freedom of speech the same old trick
    the use all the time. Problem /Reaction / Solution

  10. Mario if you go to jail i'll get a plane and go visit you as most as I can, and I am being real!

  11. print news on paper and I'm sure there will many volunteers financial and physically so no one can stop us

  12. I think truthers have been threatened

  13. pizza gate is real

  14. You are not making sense. Of course TPTB are going to make laws that will make it impossible to pursue the truth.

    Nothing you can do will change that. There is no "intelligent way of doing this so that the elite won't persecute us".

    At best, you can have a format where: "A. Present some facts. B. Say. 'Wow, dude, that looks like X, Y and Z! Uncool, man!' "

    But do you really think that will change anything? If you and all your friend behave yourselves, why then TPTB will setup a false flag to allow them to act anyway.

  15. pizza gate is real

  16. you must really be foolish if you thought he was trying to deny the investigation of pizzagate. lol how in any way shape or form could you have thought that?

  17. could you please stop ✋ using jesus name with these foul videos Ta.

  18. When tempted in the desert, Jesus The Christ responded the enemy, he was not to tempt God. Mario: This is a moment of traps, darkness and deceptions new to all of us! God Bless you always! We are not dealing here with enemies of flesh and blood…. but masters of deception who come to kill, steal & destroy through skulduggery!

  19. Keep up the good fight Mario ' your videos are very much appreciated '

  20. Using #PizzaGate as the centerpiece of the citizen investigation phenomenon needs to evolve to #LittleLivesMatter and/or #BringDownTheRing

  21. Mario YOU are the fake !!!!!!

  22. okay, but what do you propose we do? How do we research this to get legitimate evidence in a safe manner? Do you have any suggestions?

  23. You're right, common sense is important now, they'll use any excuse to beat us. The people we're fighting hold the power as individuals, we have strength in numbers. But they can take people and lock them up and do whatever. We can't even get the police to bloody well ask some very suspicious people questions about coded emails.

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