PIZZAGATE…Youtube Stole My Money..My Crazy Week..#PIZZAGATE #PizzaGate #Corruption

Heys Guys, been gone for a bit..WHY? Well I explain that in this vid and also talk a bit about PIZZAGATE…Hope you enjoy and Thank for watching…



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5 Thoughts to “PIZZAGATE…Youtube Stole My Money..My Crazy Week..#PIZZAGATE #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Hey Shameka! First of all, I don't mind vlogs that are long. You seem to be talking TO people instead of talking AT them. That's why I love your vids!
    Now let's focus on the IMPORTANT news from all this……..You got some!! lol Hey, that means you had a better week than I did, so good for you! 🙂
    Congrats on getting your YouTube money! It's a shame they aren't more helpful when you need them, but you handled it well.
    As far as PizzaGate……I respect your opinion and I understand WHY this is so important to you. I don't personally buy it. I've looked at a few vlogs about this and there was one dude that actually believes the following things (and he talked about them all on one vlog):
    1) The Earth is flat.
    2) Hitler wasn't such a bad guy.
    3) Racism is natural and actually HEALTHY for us.
    4) PizzaGate is a fact.
    Now call me crazy, but when I say I want to go out and get extra cheese on my pizza, that is NOT "code" for "I want to have sex with and then BBQ a human baby". It usually means I'm drunk and really, really hungry (full disclosure: that's most of the time! lol). Maybe next time I go out to get pizza I'll just tell them to hold the placenta, please. Just in case Info Wars is listening. 🙂
    But, hey, I love your vlogs, I dig your style, and I will always listen to your opinion. Because if everyone thought like me and agreed with everything I did, the world would be a boring place! Good to see you back. Rock on :)

  2. It's not critical thinking when you believe things based strictly on the word of people who hate the Clintons.
    These are the same people who want you to think that HRC is responsible for multiple murders including JFK Jr.!!
    I have seen the emails and found nothing incriminating. If millions of people had been trained to hate you, I could take your emails and say certain words were code for pedophilia and millions would believe it. There is just no evidence to support any of it. And since thousands of people would have to know about it, someone would have come forward by now.

  3. It's dissapointing to see you spreading fake news

  4. I am so happy for u. That was a wonderful lesson.

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