#PizzaGate vs Andrew Breitbart – What We Know From John Podesta to Marina Abramovic & Media Response #PizzaGate #Corruption

#PizzaGate is a well-known by a large number of people now. Andrew Breitbart attempted to expose John Podesta back in 2011 before his untimely “death” and his coroners “death” followed afterward. Now that Podestas emails have been leaked and the code words have been exposed, even more disheartening information has come to light. Yet “the Media” fail to do any research on this topic, let alone provide the general public with unbiased information on it so that they can protect their families.

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10 thoughts on “#PizzaGate vs Andrew Breitbart – What We Know From John Podesta to Marina Abramovic & Media Response #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Conneb II LLC, H Gill & Son bought seven properties on that street the same day for $0, Besta pizza and Comet pizza were two of those. 100% theres tunnels under there. A tunnel is known to go from teh White House to Camp David and it runs directly underneath Besta Pizza.


  3. Perhaps you should learn to use your words. And as a Satanist we've won we have Trump in the White House. We HAVE WON!

  4. Mike, You made BBC news – they showed your twitter comment.

  5. I believe Breitbart was killed because he was going to expose the elite pedo ring in DC that included Obama and Podesta plus the rest of them… I don't think it had anything to do with Obama and his gay lovers, it was the pedo ring now known as Pizzagate.

  6. no one has seen Podesta sense election night eather …

  7. Thank you for your research, and your work. You have given me a lot of invaluable information. Keep up the good work.

  8. Zero content garbage. Just as most of his other podcasts, just self aggrandizement and promotion.

    Ps. This retard wrote in Maga Mindset, how Alpha Men data beautiful women while Betas date ugly ones, because Alphas have self confidence. Well Cernavich, your wife is at best slightly below average looking, so I guess it says a lot about you.

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