#Pizzagate Update Seaman -11/29/16 #Pizzagate is BECOMING #Twittergate- Cover Up underway (9of9) #PizzaGate #Corruption

#TwitterGate is the New #PizzaGate (PEDOPHILE APOCALYPSE)
is WIKILEAKS’ Julian Assange is NOW DEAD? NO visual PROOF OF LIFE on the BALCONY = D.E.A.D.
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6 thoughts on “#Pizzagate Update Seaman -11/29/16 #Pizzagate is BECOMING #Twittergate- Cover Up underway (9of9) #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Sickening Comet Ping Pong Pedophile App Instruction Sheet
    The following text is taken from an alleged Comet Ping Pong computer app instruction and marketing sheet screenshot discovered today by a youtuber.

    four little girls died, and 5 are probably still retained for future torture:

    "Last month's satisfied customers were raving about our pizza and we know you will too. Repeat customers know the drill. For newcummers(sic), first run the program given to you by your special friend and all instructions on how to enjoy this joyous hobby will be easily understandable. But please, remember the penalties for breaking the rules which are also included in the program. Very few have broken the rules and needless to say the penalties are harsh. All pricing is included in the App. The app will only run once, and the following requirements must be meet: (sic)
    * The app is to be run from your own personal computer that only you have access.
    * Your computer must be connected to the internet when run
    * The App must be run from your home
    * You must destroy the media on which you received the App.
    * Remember the password that will activate the app as there will be no icons on your computer.

    November Newcummer

    November's Specials

    This month we have five fresh pizzas for your enjoyment. We also have four surviving pizzas from last month's session, all are on sale at an extremely low price as they are in poor health and not expected to survive so a requirement is that you finish eating your pizza after your session.

    This months special includes a 30% discount on severe torture! Each image below is available for $1,000 in fine print. Andrew also has some prints he would like to sell, so contact him for more information. (they are true masterpieces.)"

  2. This stuff needs to stay in their face until something is done. So far they have just denied everything, of course they will. The FBI needs to storm these places before they can destroy the evidence and harm anyone else.

  3. If you know the other reporters of PizzaGate — try to get someone to post daily with an update — so many videos are now merely clickbait — which is sick, but yet still it helps keep the issue on the front burner. But those who already know the evil details want to keep up without having to go through the same old horrid facts again and again. Get a team together to keep the new details flowing. Rehashing is going to bore folks — sorry to say, but it's just human if something new isn't revealed — to show progress in the sleuthing and the documenting. Gotta keep your audience despite its all-too human apathy.

    Good on ya.

  4. Her name is molly. She's a gamer and her main revenue comes through her Twitter handle so I feel so bad that they've cut off her money source.

  5. I can't believe people aren't paying attention and have been making a point of not discussing it with me ???? If they would just look at any of the proof for 2 minutes they would have at least amount something does seem odd

  6. Chinada3 will not give PEDOPHILES a pass, over here on the internet, the Pedophiles have to go to JAIL(some for their own protection)

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