PIZZAGATE UPDATE: 100% PROOF of Missing Children Near Washington D.C. (Wikileaks, #pizzagate)

Researchers have discovered hundreds of missing children near Washington D.C. If you thought #pizzagate was bad, it’s really just the beginning. Please take the time to learn these children’s names and faces so we can know exactly who we are fighting for.

Search missing kids:

SGT Report:

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15 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE UPDATE: 100% PROOF of Missing Children Near Washington D.C. (Wikileaks, #pizzagate)

  1. Wow!this is scary to think kids can just slip off the radar and not much is said about them! I live in the u.k. But it doesn't mean it can't happen here too!glad you are exposing this, I have subscribed to your channel.keep up the good work👍👍👍

  2. Thanks for vid ..they are very well done and good to share..even on my personal fb page where there are alot of very umm how to say..well brainwashed i need simple easy to follow credible vids like this.

  3. Did you research the work of Former Head of FBI Los Angeles Ted Gunderson? He did amazing reasearch on SRA, but they killed him not too long ago for exposing the truth. Peace.

  4. Hey Hacking, I spent my free time today researching the same subject. I noticed something that I haven't heard anyone comment on. The individual that emailed Podestda regarding Obama's $65k pizza party and referenced using the " usual channels" works for Stratfor. If you search the cablegate data dump at wikileaks, Stratfor is a prolific player in the intelligence community. It's my understanding that they are a CIA front company that primarily provides intelligence/military support similar to Halliburton. Check it out. I look forward to seeing what you find.

  5. i don't get y so many people think any gov agency including police would do anything. they r there to protect the ones doing this and doing it themselves. i mean they killed that one governor or senator from Georgia for exposing cps for crying out loud. maybe talking to all the parents and convincing them to go public as a large group or something. more to disprove what these ones here r saying bout the success rate of kids returning home. they have told us for years that most kids not found in the 1st 48hrs r never found now all of a sudden 95% return home. i ALMOST believe that!(sarcasm) great work. um newly subbed

  6. Great quote at the end there.

  7. There are no "authorities" who will do any kind of real investigation or lift a finger to put a stop to this. It is going to be up to all of us, regular, PISSED OFF people. We need the Special Forces guys from the military to be on our side with this. Their skill sets are going to be needed. If anyone knows any current/former SF guys, RED PILL THEM and get them on our side.

  8. This is key because the first thing they always say is that theres no victims and no crime committed. These kids had to go somewhere. Something is going on regardless.

  9. "We" don't need to do anything except call the police. Forget the FBI, CIA, NSA…… they are never there anyway. If you did one tenth of what's shown on the websites, someone would call the cops and there would be fifty cop cars outside your house in ten minutes, telling you that they have to go inside and look around. So, where are the cops???? Why are you guys always talking about higher ups doing nothing when the cops are right down the street. Call them. Show them your data. We don't need more crusaders like you. Call the cops – child protective services.

    It's simple.

  10. You are a great new channel. Subbed. Did this for 8 years. Retired.

  11. Please remember to like, share and subscribe to help spread the word. Thanks for watching!

  12. Thank you for exposing this. This tip needs to be given to someone with authority. Maybe the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Tragic..

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