Pizzagate is NOT the beginning — it is not the first time the public was told about child trafficking, pedophelia, cannibalism and satanic rituals …… and it wont be the last

Join Robbie Dee, A Call for an Uprising, Ejay Clinton, Jeff Lehman and Laurie Alexander as they talk about how far down this rabbit hole goes!

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18 Thoughts to “PIZZAGATE: TIP OF THE ICEBERG #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. the problem in 'civilized countries' is most of you want comfortable & convenient solutions to barbaric problems with one religious spin or another affixed to it, don't work. that big, that simple, it don't work–this is where your bleeding heart liberal-metro-emo-life in crisis mode mother fucker yields. don't matter the problem, yeah its that simple. now i'ma simple man, not well read, been around the world a few times, usually to enforce some shit useless politician's 'grand idea' . been under arms 30 of my 52 years, and the shit people do for kicks never ceases to amaze most of us in mercenary work. however the solution has always remained the same. my company& i have freed labor & sex slaves of all races, sexs, & ages, the trick of it is too leave the bodies of the offenders above ground for the hyenas, jackals , & birds. the other big misconception western countries have is that outside of your country's borders you naively think your laws and their enforcement goes with you. surprise.. it don't work. but i & company have concluded one simple idea: most people no matter where you go are just doing the best they can with what they know & have, the rest are just plain fucking evil & need to die. so here's to you fellas & miss keep doing what you do, you do do it well, God the Creator bless & keep you & yours safe. remember kids if you carry, might as well carry two, your off hand is not just for reloading.

  2. Go and watch videos on my channel. I'm real and raw with the truth I hold. I love and respect TMH that besieged me to start seeking Truth of Truth, though I battle with low self-esteem daily. My childhood was horrific and wondrous. Yes I am a #victim of the State of Illinois DCFS system. I am one of #many. I refuse to believe that any one of us children, the Jerrys' kids, asked to endure traumatic events to the point that we were programmed into self destruction at a young age. My mother tells me time and again stories about being in bathrooms at McDonald's where women were selling there babies for drug money. She called police but to no avail, because I guess the Chicago police force was as crooked as they came in 1987. This is indeed just the tip of the iceberg and my testimony is one of many that need to be listened to and truly evaluated by a clear, discerning head. Incidently, most people lack these necessary skills nowadays. I'm glad you are holding true to True morality. Stay True in Creator and I'll talk to you all later.

  3. read the book of Hosea from the Bible in the message bible…it's like pizzagate.

  4. Good show guys, thanks

  5. emotions ARE necessary..its how we get the point across!! Hell will be so full and I'm glad I will be in heaven, away from such evil doers!

  6. Julian was taken by a blackOPS team(CIA)…activists took pictures they put a hood over his head and took all of his computers hard drives

  7. Great show Laurie, on a disturbing subject. Right on sista for doing all you do. You are my heroine! (hero – ess!) God bless you and TURN!

  8. Alisa and Gabriel I am praying for your return to your Mum. We have not forgotten you and we won't give up.


  9. The cook humans was an old Twilight Show reference and not related to current Pizza Gate.


  11. Remember "White House Call Boys" scandal, Paul Bonacci, Johnny Gosch, Noreen Gosch, etc (Bohemian Grove), testimonies of Cathy O'Brien, Ted Gunderson, Nancy Schaefer, … also look at "The Clinton Body-Count".We can't let monsters free ! Time to go in jail or on the chair !

  12. Awesome! loved todays show.

  13. Demons? Really? They just are a bunch of rich and sick people doing some disgusting shit.

  14. The State Foster system is a all you can eat menu for these sick monsters. They have been using this system for years. I us to be a ward of the the State of California. They call us throw aways and no one believes us. Most of us end up in prison or hooked on drugs. Please my brothers and sisters eradicate these evil monsters from earth. You can not fix or treat this behavior it must be dealt with by force and swiftly without The hesitation.

  15. pizza scene from home alone: things that spark my suspicion of a hidden joke behind this scene, the actor Macaulay Culkin was a child actor who has talked about child abuse in hollywood, he is a child who is unsupervised and alone, he is walking towards the limousine which symbolized wealth or higher echelon society, and the door of the limo is open as if beaconing him inside with a cheese the law looks on in approval …innocent i think not

    i found this scene by searching here on youtube the keywords "pizza scene"

  16. God bless the panel.

  17. Google The Monarch Project torture if you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole. It's very horrifying.

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