#PizzaGate – The Update – Wikileaks Psyop, Assange #ProofOfLife, Breitbart Connection & More #PizzaGate #Corruption

This is a quick update video I am throwing up here on the #PizzaGate scandal. Please enjoy the video and find below more links for to take this investigation to the next level by yourself.


Please Join #OpPizza to help with the investigation. Just go to IRC and Join OpPizza, https://webchat.anonops.com/
Open Source Investigation: https://pizzagate.press/

My Steemit Blog Investigation: https:[email protected]

Other Open Investigations taking Place:

Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.


https:[email protected][email protected]omet-ping-pong

https:[email protected][email protected]ry-clinton

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19 thoughts on “#PizzaGate – The Update – Wikileaks Psyop, Assange #ProofOfLife, Breitbart Connection & More #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. Do your research on Assange's whereabouts. Oddly enough Alex Jones ranted about it a few days a go and promissed immediate livestream coverage from the Embassy of Ecuador in London and nothing. No livestream, no follow up, not a single mention of Assange since then. No formation petition not even change.org petition to Ecuador's president, Swedish government that allegedly interviewed him on early November with no attorneys allowed in the building, the US transition team nor Trump to pardon Assange and protect and warranty his life and integrity as he made him president.

  2. There are many deaths linked to Wikileaks and the Clinton's. A new one is Mônica Petersen researching a link between human trafficking and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

  3. love your glitches! &+ your very hot so makes it even better

  4. Alumbrados (Sephardic Jews) kicked out of Spain for atrocities against Christian children flee to Turkey and England. Alumbrado means illuminated. From Turkey sephardic mystic named Sabbatai Tzvi develops following claiming he is messiah, and group of devotees exceed 150,000 followers. They believe that they must sin and do the opposite (what is immoral) to do God's will. Forced conversion to Islam but still practice kabbalistic magic. They become the "Doenme" very much like the Alumbrados. Doenme can be interpreted in Turkish as the transvestites (Alefantis kneeling with two others with wigs and masks photo). From there they spread throughout Europe and influence Adam Weishaupt (Spartacus) and Illuminati is named although it has always been there name "Allumbrados/Shiny ones/Illuminated". Freemasonic lodges are all infiltrated and once Turksih caliphate comes down the name "Rothschild" gains notoriety. Rothschild (A.M. Bauer) was a sabbatean. The house of Rothschild and the house of Ibn Saud are connected through the links of the Doenme sabbateans and the second Sabbatean messiah. Who followed Sabbati Tzvi?His name was Yacov Frank. By this time this cult had infiltrated all of Europe and declared war on all the Monarchies. And so on and so one…..They are still around.

  5. To be honest, it makes not much difference to me if pizzagate is real or not real. I will use all available tools to fight what I deem evil, tyranny. The corporate/government-controlled/sponsored "media" have done so much damage for so many years against the American sheeple,… I look at pizzagate as a gift from God. A valuable tool if you will. Put it this way: It's the same like for Alex Jones… Alex does far more good then harm IMHO. So I support his efforts. If you think this is a psyop,… so what! IT WILL BACKFIRE ON THEM!!!!!!!

  6. It disgusts me knowing the scum Obamas were in the White House. The building should be disinfected, completely stripped out clean, fumigated, and repainted with anti fungal paint inside and out before the Trumps move in.

  7. I appreciate all you are doing, I feel truth and integrity from you. So many shills surrounding this story that the msm will not touch. My gut says you are legit. Thank you so much. People like you are the new msm. Godspeed.

  8. That is how "they" have been able to control politicians, religious leaders, etc. but the box is open now !!

  9. The Alephantas interview was staged.  That is why he got so many softball questions.

  10. Check out the Hampstead cover up, you will see the UK has been going through this for a long time with the media and police cover ups on pedophilia.  Former Prime Minister Leon Britton is now dead and so it was ok to let everyone know that yes, you were all correct, he is a pedo.  Dead politicians do not speak and cannot implicate others.  My guess is that some Hollyweird celebrity will be thrown under the bus by their cabal in order to get everyone off of Podesta's back.  It is a Witch Hunt.  We are hunting those witches and exposing them.  Don't be naïve, FBI, CIA, BFD….they are all in on it, trafficking children and drugs.  that is where they get their "black Ops" money.  Also, many of these politicians and higher ups in the FBI, Justice System are being blackmailed.  Same thing that has been going on in the UK.   Keep safe and God Bless.

  11. Hello. Just a quick 2 cents worth here. I think that no one wants this administration pursuing this crime. The current AG, DOJ and FBI are shills and would blast thru it like dysentery, thus allowing Obama the chance to pardon. I'm sure the same people who have let this information out are watching like hawks and documenting the cover up that anyone involved might be trying to do. Therefore creating a much more solid case for individual convictions after Obama is booted out. Just my opinion.

  12. Who's going to investigate? The FBI has already exposed themselves as being corrupt with their destruction of evidence for Hillary's email scandal.

  13. God will smithe every last one of these sick twisted monsters. Keep being a warrior for Christ, they will be exposed!!!

  14. I respect your opinion thank you

  15. Subscribed, hey what are your thoughts on A Call for an Uprising channel? He doesn't seem legit =?

  16. Apparently Another pizza shop that may have been involved is Robertas in NY

  17. Talking about Julian Assange, have you seen this "live-presentation" from nov. 28: –

    Julian Assange – IS ALIVE – Interview 27 Nov 2016 after he Disappeared. It´s a very bad live presentation, NO Video, only a still pic. and the sound is AWFUL!! .. Who runs this channel "HELMET CAM"? I want to complain about this BAD production!!;O)e


  18. Oh yeah then they say……what could I do anyway. I'm goin to choak them.

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