PizzaGate: The Tip Of The Iceberg #PizzaGate #Corruption

3 Minutes To Midnight – PizzaGate: The Tip Of The Ice Berg

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What is Pizza Gate?

Pizza Gate is the involuntary hacker disclosure of the involvement of celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Jay-Z, politicians like John & Tony Podesta, Hillary Clinton & Huma Abadin, and so forth – The involvement of elite individuals taking part in Child Sexual Abuse & Satanic Ritual Abuse; Child Sacrificing. The reason it’s called #PizzaGate is because of the way in which the information has come out, in the form of secret code words as identified by law enforcement and cryptographers that are akin to pedophilia cases.

What am I trying to say?

In Washington, D.C., James Alefantis, one of the most influential individuals in the area, is the owner of the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant. Pizza names, ingredients and other food items act as a front company for child trafficiking. People are able to order people via the use of these code words, or ingredient names. I.E. “Cheese” means “Girl”, “Pasta” means “Little Boy”, “Hot Dog” means “Boy”, “Walnuts, Nuts” means “Person of Color”, “Map” means “Semen” “Ice Cream” means “Male Prostitute” and so forth.

Well how does all this work?

In Flint, Michigan, and other places around Amerikkka, CPS is taking the children of thousands of homeless people, poverty stricken families, orphans, aborted children and the like, and documenting them. Roughly 800,000 children go missing (roughly 2,000 a day) & nearly 500,000 babies are aborted EVERY YEAR. Where would they get the material? In this sick Satanic Society, they’re provided all they need because of our lack of appreciation for life.

Using these codes, celebrities pay “deposit” prices and order from Comet Pizza via email for their perverted private parties, and unfortunately children are delivered to address. For some, other claims, there are several rooms and private parts on the lower level of Alefantis’ pizza restaurant to which only “special guests” are allowed.

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  1. what can we as a people do apart from pray for these poor children what can we do I'm worried for my grandchildren right now and I only have young children ffs

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