#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC #PizzaGate #Corruption

Due to concerns over being censored I re-uploaded this video to ensure it was available in case the other version of it with music was taken down. I obviously am not doing this just to joke around, this video is in danger of being removed thank YouTube for their bullshit.

This is the complete and definitive documentary on the Pizza Gate Pedophilia Scandal involving John & Tony Podesta, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, the DNC, Andrew Kline and Arun Rao of the DOJ, David Brock of Media Matters, and many more.

For further research all the links have been compiled on my steemit blog: https:[email protected][email protected]lintons-andrew-kline

New Steemit Blog for this Video: https:[email protected][email protected]volving-obama-clintons-doj-and-the-dnc

Please Join #OpPizza to help with the investigation. Just go to IRC and Join OpPizza, https://webchat.anonops.com/

The PizzaGate Files: https://pizzagate.press/



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50 Thoughts to “#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. Want to hear something weird? Last night i was watching your video and began having problems with the browser. I switched to another browser. I copied the yt address to that browser and someone else's video came up. I tried it several times and it was still another video. Me thinks you are OVER THE TARGET in your vid and someone doesn't want you to be seen…keep up the good work. Did you notice all the contacts that were photographers, movie producers, etc, including the D.C. mayor? I mean, if child porn is involved, you need people in the visual arts to produce it don't you? IMO

    I am going to take a look at the video they were directing me to and see if it is controlled opposition.

  2. You people are crazy. Where do y'all think these codewords came from?
    They definitely aren't well known on the Internet for that. They have different meanings. It's just idiots making assumptions.

  3. 1:32:35 They stole that image from Goosebump's The Mask. WTF?

  4. 1:09:34 he has "yung kids" listed! Disgusting POS.

  5. 30:32 I've seen this exact shirt in a store before…and I can't remember which one. I have an idea but I won't say it in case my memory has failed me here. I just remember looking at it on the rack wondering what the hell pizza and ninja turtles had to do with political parties.

  6. 18:00 It's Tony Podesta's home, not John Podesta's.

  7. After doing hours of research yesterday on #PizzaGate, it left me feeling down & depressed, nauseous and shaky, and I cried hard for a while. This is #SpiritualWarfare, a battle between good and evil. These degenerate pieces of filth WILL stand before God on judgment day and tremble while answering for what they've done! They may get away with these evil acts in this lifetime but rest assured they will not get away with it in the next.

  8. titus, have u tried to turn over any of the evidence you have compiled to someone in law enforcement? of course you would have to find someone you could trust… perhaps send an anonymous package of info to someone in the FBI? perhaps a low level agent whos not 'connected'idk. SOMEONE needs to be investigating this with the authority to DO something about it. just a thought. you've probably already thought about it. i am just so SICKENED by this whole thing. i am so scared for these children. i think about it all the time. i just want to see some ACTION by some law enforcment.





    CLEAR PROPAGANDA: https://twitter.com/WLTaskForce/status/802623650348302336

    The CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google (YouTube), Reddit, Voat, Imgur, and many more are involved in this cover-up. Don't let any other dis-info throw you off;


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  12. I had a feeling that. Hillsry. Clinton was bad news, thsts ehybinpicked. Dondldvtrump. Forvpresident?? I hope sbd pray these. Bad things. Don't hsppen. For the Worcester, Smen,,,,,,,

  13. very good documentary bravo! i try to spread in europe but mostly here no one let this come in tv or web translation. people are definitely dead all are becomed zombies

  14. What mad fucks, for fuck sake. I followed your advise and kept landing on accounts with some very questionable images/photographs. It seems they center their sick promotions around instagram specifically.

  15. Seriously would love to talk w you about pizzagate. Been knee deep in research.

  16. SS17 means spring/summer 2017 show for fashion week. Those boys were probably models being casted for a show. And cooking chickens is a reference to cooking crack cocaine (this phrase is used a lot in rap music), not pedophilia. Just a few things I wanted to clarify. Jimmy Comet's Instagram was very creepy and there seems to be actual pedophilia references in the images and sometimes in the caption and comments. But these other people who's Instagrams you elaborated on for quite a while didn't really feel relevant to me. Yes some had weird occult-ish looking art but some of those people are involved in the fashion industry or photography and are pretty artsy people anyway. And for the past few years I've noticed satanic/occult/sexual/gory artwork to be pretty popular, they could just be keeping up with trends. You also seem to be very concerned anytime you see a child on one of their accounts… I don't think someone who follows someone who might be wrapped up in something shady posting pictures of children who are probably just their kids or relatives is anything to be concerned about. I appreciate the work you put into this research but a lot of the claims of "evidence" you made about these circumstantial people are big assumptions. I'm afraid making videos like this that spend that much time on people who we don't really know are connected to this apart from a comment or follow on Instagram undermines the legitimacy of the more sound evidence you presented at the beginning. Things like this give the "fake news" defense more leverage and could help the cover up by making researchers sound crazy. I'm sure someone like you who has been so involved in this investigation is very emotional about what you are finding but you have to keep your emotions in check. If you truly want to filter truth from fiction, you have to be objective and skeptical about everything you find, and make sure the evidence you present is as damning and indefensible as possible before you make these claims. We need the MSM to take independent and alternative journalism seriously and give them no reason to discredit you. The MSM doesn't fear speculation presented as evidence. These are just my thoughts about the people connected through Instagram. Most of the other evidence you presented at the beginning was enough to make me really question what could be going on in DC. Continue brining things like that to light, and the MSM is really going to have a problem keeping this quite.

  17. Wait, look at how many likes these disturbing photos have on them!!! This is the most F*&#*D UP thing I've EVER seen!!!

    I'm worried about you…this is heavy stuff…I hope you're doing ok after going through all this stuff. Stay Spiritual!

  18. What's with Podesta's bracelet in the '14 Fish' photo? Looks a little childish, no?

  19. Both the New York Times and Washington Post are playing cover up on pizzagate and getting people to support censorship by pushing the concept of “fake news”: see http://www.truefreethinker.com/articles/washington-post-pizzagate-spiritcooking-fakenews-conspiracy-theory and http://www.truefreethinker.com/articles/new-york-times-pizzagate-and-fakenews

  20. So many Jews involved! blood libel is true and always has been.

  21. So many Jews involved! blood libel is true and always has been.

  22. I have watched a lot of videos on this subject and this is by far the best I have seen. Thank you for your work.

  23. I looked up SS17 and found multiple references in the fashion world for Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week, which is a runway event unveiling the latest season's fashions- the main event, from what I could gather, is in London? In no time at all I discovered the most disturbing websites and images- one of the worst ones I identified in relation to SS17 was HungerTV- look it up! The trail led me to a title called "Young Blood: Hunger TV Fashion Editorials" with disturbing images filled with symbology you have identified. It was so easy to find and its so blatant. I wish I could post pictures here…. My mind is blown. I am so shocked and horrified that I don't even know what to think, except what I've been thinking consistently for a couple of years with every REPUTABLE, HONEST, report from other, independent researchers brave enough to try to expose the truth; its soooo much worse than I ever could have imagined…. So many still cant/wont even wrap their minds around the truth about 9/11… My God humanity is so lost…

    Thank you for your courage

  24. Titus, please remember to keep all your information backed up on a hard drive or something, just in case your youtube channel or blog get taken down.
    You're doing God's work and so much would be lost if you didn't have all your stuff backed up somewhere.

  25. I recognize the woman holding the baby at 1:07:29 Its Ina May Gaskin, a famous midwife who promotes natural childbirth. You can see the same photo on this Facebook page. Ina May would not be mixed up in this.. no idea why this pervert would have her picture on their instagram. https://www.facebook.com/birthstorymovie

  26. 18:57 Yo I'm french and Achilles kinda sounds like Encule which means to anal fuck.

  27. jesus christ! Hot dog stand in Hawaii

  28. podesta is wearing one of those friendship bracelets in these pictures.

  29. did anybody else notice that on the instagram of the NSA sign that a commenter asks about Jeffrey Epstein???!!??

  30. Podesta always looked creepy, even before I knew this.

  31. I tried to download but I'm having issues. awkward.


  33. SS17 = Spring Summer 2017. Refers to a fashion line promoted by Swarovski. Famous for crystals, the clothing features lots of crystals. Makes sense regarding both Jessica Zwu and Walter Pearce who read as total NYC fashionistas. I have worked (as a carpenter) for many seasons in the NYC fashion scene, and both Walter Pearce and Jessica Zwu fit the profile. People obsessed with image. If you got to the iTunes store and search for "SS17" you will find an app (in Spanish) that is connected to the Swarovski fashion line.

  34. 56.22 "how do you know Jeffrey Epstein"


  36. Christmas Day 2016 Obama's US/UN Forces
    Will Invade Israel & Start WW3 -God Will Then Reveal Himself &
    Rapture His Church


  37. Busted!Politicians,police caught in huge Norwegian pedophile ring.google it.

  38. I am afraid to share this. I was sharing on facebook, they started to refuse my shares, remove comments, send me messages asking me to take down specific words such as Obummer is a demonic oppressed muslim. Since then I am getting daily harassment calls from D.C. phone numbers. Yesterday the message was "there is a warrenty put for your arrest! " Please be careful. .praying for everyone's safety. Very great report!!!

  39. Watch for CIA or FBI Videos. There is a german Anonymous Youtube Video, which has good nothing to do with Pizzagate. They are trying to spreed desinformation.

    Also I found already two english CIA or FBI Videos. Please mark these videos. Robert from Germany

  40. Check this out… ANON HACKS PEDO SERVER!! Connects Comet Ping Pong to Austin Pizzaria

  41. James Achilles Alefontes!…This guys middle name is Achilles? Does that not loosely translate as I love children, they are my weakness? Or I love my weakness, children? Or maybe I love the weakness of children? J'aime achilles la enfant? Ugh, just puked in my mouth

  42. I'm ready to explode with this who has has the neck to act on this? soros rot in hell with the rest of these bastards . days are numbered!!!

  43. Hillary Clinton does not have kuru. Kuru does not come and go. It progresses rapidly until the person becomes a babbling mess. Hillary likely suffered brain damage from the clot in her head or she is developing Parkinson's. Dr. Ted Noel analyzed this possibility in detail. From a medical student's perspective this is very compelling.

  44. I would be extremely careful!! I am afraid that hidden in the files could be some real kiddo sicko porn and get u!! Or you could get to close and fall!! Praying for safety for you and yours!!

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