PIZZAGATE: The Bigger Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption

An International Pedophile ring has been fully operational for decades. Plummeting down the rabbit hole you will eventually discover the Franklin Cover up, The Jimmy Saville Scandal, The Hampstead Cover up, The Elm Guest House Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island and many others that were eventually buried by a colluding media and the fact that the general public loses interest because the reality of high profile pedophilic predators is an alien world and completely repulsive to the average person.

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46 Thoughts to “PIZZAGATE: The Bigger Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption”

  1. This video exposes InfoWars as the controlled opposition they are. The end of the video "It is all a lie! Comet Ping Pong owner says it doesnt even HAVE a basement!" Basements and tunnels are SO NOT the issue. Way to make it SEEM like youre on the side of truth while staying on the side of the Evil.

  2. I   really think most usa sheeple are masochistic  and love to get screwed the hard way  half belief in Hillary  who is responsible   for murder of milions        the other half   beliefs in a guy  who says  he back up Israel whatever  1000 procent while    two people     although they are jewisch   say Israel did 911 IRAEL DID 911   CHECK IT IT S ON YOU TUBE  DR ALLAN SABROWSKY 25 YEARS US ARMY AND REBBECA ROTH   IT S STILL THERE  OUT FOR EVERY ONE ,,NOT FOR LONG  .. BELIEF ME   YOUR RUNNING OUT OF TIME

  3. "Plummeting down the rabbit hole" that would be a good idea – generally – instead of stating obvious crap … (((Alex)))

  4. its so obvious whats going on.. lmfao they going after all the "smaller names" and they gonna let hillary and obama and all them get away.. so obvious

  5. Is this idiot really boasting about taking his kids to comet pingpong?

  6. America's🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 perverted masters🗿🗿🗿🗿 are above the law, since they own most judges and politicians. Do not expect the Trump Administration🙊🙉🙈 to go after pedophiles (Freemasons🔺 and Talmudists🔯 look after each other.). The wealthy💰 and influential baby rapists👯, baby torturers😖, baby killers👼🔪, and baby eaters🍼🍴🍷 (cannibals) get a pass out of jail. These wealthy monsters👺👺👺👺👺 can do whatever they want to do to your children (and get away with it!). Hide 👀💦your kids folks, stay away from pizza joints🍕❗, and be careful who your freinds are👹🔯🔺 (Who knows what they put in the sauce! oooh yucky😱😖👯👧👦👶🍕).
    If the FBI and other law enforcement agencies (PEDOPHILIA enablers👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮) get involved, it will be with the purpose of silencing, and if need be, murdering those brave private investigators and independent journalists who are exposing crimes against children.

  7. I get tired of the outrage that people pretend to feel… but they never put forward a solution to protect the innocent. These kids are suffering horrific torture and abuse.
    We should brain scan everyone seeking authority of any kind in our society to make sure they're not pervert friendly.
    Scan their brains whilst showing them images of various kinds designed to determine their sexual inclinations. You can lie out of your mouth easily and the so called ''lie detector tests'' are useless….but brain scans do not lie.
    I'm absolutely sure that a test could be devised which would determine if someone was sexually attracted to males, females, adults, adolescents, children, infants or babies.
    I have no doubt that could be done… why isn't it done? Of course we know that perverts would try to think of anything else but what was in front of their eyes…but even THAT would show up on the brain scan.
    Their attempts to fool the test would be revealed.

  8. Thanks for covering pizzagate. Please keep it up.

  9. John Bowne has done it again!

  10. Appreciate the info, but I wish you would can the background music, which only serves to cheapen your presentation.

  11. The Hampstead Kids is a cover up as the medical report proved.
    Summary of Medical Report on p. E4:
    “In both general physical examinations and genital examinations of Gabriel today, there are physical signs that are consistent with the allegations given by both Gabriel and Alisa. The scar in the anus is from a healed fissure, secondary to a blunt penetrating force that he has alleged. In summary, Gabriel has physical signs that support his allegations of both physical abuse and sexual abuse.” Dr. Harriet Gunn, University College London Hospital

  12. No punishment, or amount of punishment is enough for these scummy cowards. the lives they have destroyed is beyond measure.


  13. Million thanks stay blessed we are praying for Trump to FIX these EVIL issue made by so called Powerful Peoples.

  14. Ape in heels entertainment

  15. The people have the power.

  16. like I always said if he was telling the truth he would take ppl to court

  17. This is so sick!!! I'm about to throw up!!!

  18. lol mr bean is a pedophile… i always had suspicions

  19. Just make sure the evidence is uncovered before the cops get there

  20. The people should flash mob comet pizza, 100 people rampage through the place, opening up the secret doors and finding the tunnels and kill room. The crime of doing this would end up being a heroic people powered pedo ring busting community service that could be the impetus needed to blow the whole thing wide open. The people would be real heroes.

  21. Podesta and Hillary they are Pedophiles

  22. Remeber that show, 'To catch a predator' ? What ever happens to that?

  23. these "elites" ingest lots of cocaine & cocaine is the mother of aphrodisiacs … they want to little boy penis in their asses … these "elites" are simply speed freaks & sex junkies .. this cannot be tolerated from a societal or legal stand point … people must be imprisoned for this

  24. I also have Commentary on #pizzagate coming tonight at 10pm!

  25. why arnt all of these people put to deth ?

  26. Now we know where the majority of homosexuals come from, they were raped as children.

  27. A good report, but it to like the Joe Biggs report I just watched has only a cursory connection to Pizzagate. If it has only a passing connection to pizzagate perhaps use a different title.

  28. Who deleted the original video??? Government is watching Alex, be careful.

  29. This is How totally Our GOV. Is 👹❣👹 Run by SATAN 👹❣👹
    An the DumbAss's Want To Bash TRUMP 👅👅👅
    worry about There Worthless LiFE 🚽❣🚽 

  30. Notice the Papacy isn't making a public statement?

  31. What is the name of the reporter that said he took his kids to Comet pizza?

  32. Lock these abnormal twisted parasites behinde bars and save those poor children.
    Guys i have an channel focused on U.S-Russia relations,Aleppo, geopolitics etc.Please check it out and don't judge me,just trying to chase my dream.

  33. Can anyone feel me in don't really understand it but is there a pizza place called comet and perverted people touch kids there.

  34. Most law enforcement officials who delve too deep find their careers in tatters not long after. Those pedophiles at the top have well & truly entrenched themselves & their sick friends into positions of untold power. They really are untouchable.

  35. Portland Oregon is LGBT central.  There have been two known Portland mayors – Sam Adams (gay) and Neil Goldschmidt (hetero) who were predator pedophiles.  Goldschmidt went on and became an Oregon Governor and was in Bill Clinton's cabinet while the Oregon media covered it up.  The greater Portland Metro area should be it's own state because it is nothing but drug addicts, alcoholics, perverts, LGBTs, metrosexuals, communists, tattooed and pierced idiots.  Their numbers are such that they basically control the entire states direction.  Oregon is ranked as one of the most corrupt states in the nation and it is run completely by Democrats.  Our last Governor – Dr. Kitzhaber – is under investigation by the FBI for influence peddling.  The Democrapic AG's for Oregon never investigate these situations.

  36. if only hillary supporters attacked these people they'd be gone in a week.

  37. Every time you think we've sunk as far as we can go…. our government shocks us again….'But wait THERE'S MORE!! OUR VERY OWN GOVERNMENT MOLESTING AND RAPING CHILDREN!!'

  38. what do i get for a pepperoni sausage mushroom black olive and pepperchonii?

  39. smh,,,some real sick demented people out there,,,, wtf

  40. The gays just wont stop.

  41. People who are involved with child sex should be prosecuted and shot. They are a danger to society and a waste of air. I don't care how high up the ladder they are. We have to stop this sick and evil stuff.

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