PIZZAGATE The Bigger Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption

An International Pedophile ring has been fully operational for decades. Plummeting down the rabbit hole you will eventually discover the Franklin Cover up, The Jimmy Saville Scandal, The Hampstead Cover up, The Elm Guest House Scandal, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Island and many others that were eventually buried by a colluding media and the fact that the general public loses interest because the reality of high profile pedophilic predators is an alien world and completely repulsive to the average person.

But as recently as a week ago. Norwegian police arrested 20 men and were investigating 31 suspects involved in a pedophile network. Deputy Police Chief Gunnar Floystad told reporters that many of the suspects were highly educated and included lawyers and politicians. Prosecutors said the suspects had met on the Dark Web. The material discovered on the Dark Web involved children as young as toddlers and included acts of bestiality.

Let’s hope the walls are finally closing in on this cancer that has fed on thousands upon thousands of children worldwide.

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21 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE The Bigger Picture #PizzaGate #Corruption

  1. The scandal with Boy's Town years ago let's remember .

  2. It's time for Chuck E Cheese to do some undercover work !

  3. Sodomites are disgusting, period!

  4. PLEASE do NOT USE UNSUBSTANTIATED documents!!! You KNOW very well this carelessness can be used to discredit an entire arena of disciplined research!! I saw the poster's video who had this document e-mailed to him. In tracing the e-mail, he found there WAS no account for the sender. If you don't GET that this could be high level misinformation, you have beans for brains. You have MORE than enough to pour through for new info in the 650,000 Wikileak-released Weiner e-mails and the Alefantis Instagrams. Of course that would take work. …While this is just a cheap shot. Yes! The activities described may be real. They may occur on a regular basis , but until you can SOURCE the info, YOU become the weak link in this chain, because all you ARE presenting is an imaginative fiction. The result? Oh, YOU got the attention you sought…but you set back justice to prevent tortured and murdered kids! Geez!! Be responsible, man!!

  5. Thousand dollar pizza? I believe that as much as I believe a bunch of cave dwellers hijacked air planes with box knives and flew the planes into buildings. Box knives! Ha ha ha BS

  6. Why do people find it soo easy to believe that a poor person could do this…but… When the rich and powerful do it they just can't believe it?

  7. it amazes me that in florida the state can follow every person on probation but has problems in past of following foster children.

  8. The hampstead hoax has already been debunked, "Ella Draper " and her abusive boyfriend "Abraham Christie" neglected and abused the children including giving them "cannabis enemas" The vids made of the children are abusive in themselves and show the bruises where "Abraham" hit the children with spoons to force them to tell the lies he wanted them to.

    To try and piggyback the lies from "Ella" and Abraham" on the back of Pizzagate is shameful and will only discredit any proof their might be.

  9. I went to ping pong pizza about 9 months ago and when I was going to the bathroom I thought I heard what sounded like muffled screaming. I peeked into a storage room and saw Lou Dobbs butt fucking a little boy!

  10. I hope this scandal gets blown wide open. Get every last son of a bitch connected with this and crucify their headless corpses upside down. NO mercy for baby-rapers.

  11. Trump will get to the bottom of it lol

  12. Time to tar and feather these perverts..
    Tar and Feathers…( humiliation and punishment ) 

  13. No, the laws are not closing in. We need some means of justice.

  14. I wonder who Andrew is???

  15. Fineman pedo defender. We're taking notes, FOX.

  16. Add Presidio and the Finders:
    NOW add all sorts of pizza places all over the US.
    Join the investigation:

  17. There's House directly behind the Comet Pizza, hidden tree's, there could be s connection!

  18. news pundit took his kid????WOW!!!

  19. I sure don't see any one of them denying this.

  20. I am convinced there are agents within the judiciary arm of the government that want to see these people put away for life, to those people I beg that you release the blackmail videos en masse and help us all clean out the cancer.

    They can't keep getting away with it

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