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verify tthis: “OBAMA ARREST! More Evidence To Arrest Obama”



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8 thoughts on “PIZZAGATE SHOCKING EVIDENCE! THIS IS A MUST WATCH! #Pedogate #ChildTraffickingExposed

  1. Someone out there is bent on keeping Hillary out of jail and killing anyone that goes up against her. Find this obsessed person and arrest him/her.

  2. Is podesta singing sweet bird-tunes? And all the liberals said, aw hell we always knew they were pieces of hit, its just that in them we saw ourselves.

  3. Hang them high, kicking them to thay die. 😎

  4. yes alot of them go into it thinkin they r whorshiping the enemy but some r just plain decieved.

  5. I remember many many years ago when the day care centers were investigated and other satanic things that were all dismissed by courts and police as here say and the false memory theory!

  6. Do not follow any satanic performers! They are all evil sale their souls to be able to perform which I could give a shit less about and I do not buy music or go to the movies at all because that supports satanism!! No thank you God will get revenge and all those people will burn in hell forever! Forget that crap

  7. God bless wikileaks and Assange, and may God bless the Christians and innocent chindren around the world. Destroy the evil people who have perpetrated hate and death, upon the innocent! God bless President Trump, and God bless the USA.

  8. Look… Ritual Black Majick Requires Blood Oblation of Innocent Beings… see Now,,, You will find Missing Animals n Children Being Used All Over The World… Evil Has Boundary… However You Gotta Find It… Spirits are Nothing to Play with… Best Leave That Shit Alone.

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